Friday, September 10, 2010

New Wire Emplacements

Time to start the Serious Wire Emplacements:
Dry wall nails painted brown for the wire support posts. Tips cut off and ends blunted, hot glued to a thin plastic base with some texture smeared on it. There base gets grassed next, any clumps of small brush etc needs to go on before the wire gets put on as after the wire is on it will be really difficult to reach in there.

This shot shows where the main coil of wire is to be. In the pictures I looked at for the basic inspiration, there was a double row of coils.... but I'm not that dedicated... heh. Working on Criss Crossing and up and down angles of wire to the poles, generally to go up and over the coil so that a person has to pick there way through the strands to get to the coil to get to the strands. Should take infantry about 3 turns to clear through it, 4 to cut through and leave a wide gap for others to follow on, well that's the basic idea. Hope to assemble about 4 feet of this wire works in the end.

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