Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Here's a nice video on how to make "bottle brush" type trees from Gutter Brushes... that are used to keep leaves out of rain gutters:

And here is home made flock:


Think I'll try them out.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A collaborative campaign Battle Report

The Clan of the Winds, still reeling back from their defeat by the Humans have a Pillar of Power Chaos army cross their borders and press hard for the Fortress of Bitterdorf. The Orc leader decides to battle on the Plains of Wind rather than immediately fort up.
Orcs on the left, Chaos on the right. Chaos weighted their left with their Knights while the Orcs placed their Heavy Boar Riders on their right to meet the Knights. Centers were mostly Foot troops, though the Orcs had a large number of Massed Bow units and Choas fielded to Elite Handweapon units.

Chaos Left Flank
Chaos Right Flank

Orc Left Flank
Orc Right Flank
Orc Center with Balrog
Orc Right Flank Savage Heavy Boar Riders
Boar Riders and Knights crash together
Swarms of Spider Riders try to stop Chaos Right Flank forces
Orc Right Flank Crumbles, Foot is moved to block Chaos Knights

The Chaos Beasts (classed as Small Monsters) suffered terribly, being swept from the field as the first casualties. The Orc right/Chaos Left slammed together in a massive blood letting/armor smashing impact that the orcs suffered the worst of when their attempt to Rally off Disorder rings totally failed the first round!

The Chaos Center suffered from the Massed Bow units showering Disorder markers helter skelter down the ranks, breaking up their forward progress. The Chaos general threw caution to the wind and charged forward as he could to stop some of the barrage!

Slowly but steadily the Orc flanks crumbled, then the Chaos Foot was burst through by the Orcs Balrog!!! and right into the open... and the full sight of the Chaos Sorcerers!! (Massed bow units) who concentrated their fire on the now fully exposed and unsupported Balrog.... and he was sent back to the shadows!
Reforming what formations he could the Orc commander looked over his dispositions ...
With the Chaos Knights about to get a full un impeded charge into his foot units to his right flank and the Chaos Reserves pushing into an undefended gap in his center the Orc commander sounded the Retreat Horns and fell back on his fortress!