Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pulp Policeman Force, WIP

Fast note, I've had to, sadly, start moderating posts due to oriental porn sites posting comments etc....Please feel free to continue to post comments and I'll bet them on fairly promptly. Onwards to new works in progress:

Here are my Tramp steamer Seamen from Pulp Action miniatures. A bit further along is that they are all based now and primer is drying. Multiple uses  for these lads... tramp steamer, dock workers, roust-abouts in the dock side taverns and all around thugs...

Next are the fellows who will attempt to keep the "law" with what ever is necessary. More figures from Pulp Action. I like the 30 cal water cooled machine gun, off set some of the bad guys fire power. One of the officers has a scoped rifle for the tricky shots... heh.

Realized I needed some law men while our Pulp Action Role play game " The League" moves along.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pygmy's, WIP, Slow Progress

Barometric change play hob with my hands ... eagerly awaiting the summer weather. Anyway, progress on the Pygmy front;

So, Dark brown wash over the black primer, shows a bit better in real light. Poms on shields and headdress ostrich plumes done. Thinking of a bit of face paint, though these particular figures have very large, non politically correct, lips. A base transfer will also happen when they are completed and I figure out how to clip the tabs on the bottom of the figures in such a way as to leave enough to glue down. Wooden war clubs and spears to be detailed up as well. Some very tiny bags on belts are nearly hidden on about half the figures.

Monday, April 19, 2010

All Those Figures

Are now starting to be put to work with the additional Game Links:


The first one is after action reports by the role play group  The League, short reports on a players view of the game.

The second is a seeding site of news articles for useful and less useful "news" articles to clue players to places that might need investigating or have bits of information that leads them through an on going adventure.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pygmy's, New WIP Update

Wow, had to take a break and paint a 1:1 Scale, 1:1 ratio house with the wife. In the mean time did a bit of painting:

On left are start of the cow hide zulu shield colors. On the right are the blow pipe troops.. backed by a menace that sees them as "bite size"...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pygmy's Painting Table, WIP

Hooooo boy, cracked open some old, really Old boxes in the Cargo Bay Dark Term Storage, and behold:

On the left is a horde of 92 Pygmies from the old citadel line. On the right are more reinforcements for the CoC cultists! More painting ahead....

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday Night Game

At a local game shop open gaming session Skrapwelder threw together a VSF Airship Crash game... seems airships crash a lot!

So, the survivors of the crash are on the left side of the left picture, a wide assortment of folks were on the passenger airship. Men women children, sailors, a few soldiers, a Naturalist, a Spark and his lackeys (me!). To the right is Leadfool and Skrapwelder surveying the upcoming trek thru The Swamp, the entire board area..ick.

Movement was typically about 4 inches or less depending on the fickle nature of the dice, my favorite number seemed to be 1! The very edge of the river proved to be firmer and allow double dice moves... of course there were a lot of water fauna that saw us in their food chain. My assistants were armed with BBS's ... Big Bad Spanners... hmmm which proved moderately successful against frog faced humanoids. My sparks earned a bit of favor from Leadfool for attempting to repair his walker when its Ratcheting Columnnar Gear Change Box became stuck in forward... alas no joy was attained. So I mugged for a photo op, maybe get some advertisement for my Spark Shop and an endorsement.

Leadfool and Alfrik, blessing the fates that drew the lost Turks to engage the soldiers and civilians rather than the glorious Great Hunter (Leadfool) and me! mahahaha, but alas the chesty schoolmarm took a rifle round to the head. I Toasted her passing and pressed on towards the hilltop for possible recovery.

Slogging away.... slowly towards the hill. Turks in the upper right side of the pictures, frogs in the river middle.

Survivors get to hill top and after a bit of struggle with what direction to point the flare pistol at... not the Naturalists head... the Rescue ship arrives.