Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kubla Con VSF goodness scored!

In a discount bin I paid3$ each for these star wars 2 man scout flyer's that will work up into VSF scout skimmers.

Besides a paint job, I am thinking that changing the guns to chin mounts would make them more versatile for the battle field. Have to work out the uniform color for pilots though. No colonial period "air pilots" uniform pictures to draw from..... ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Mega VSF battle

Yep, decided to host a massive VSF battle , sides were determined by the pick of the players as they arrived, without knowing who chose what position as they did arrive. Leading to Belgians, British and Phobosian Qar  vs  Kneemos Expeditionare force, British and Americans.
To the right is Kneemos in the lower corner, then Brits then Americans. Opposite left side is the Belgian blue line, Brits and then the Qar in the far left most sun lit corner. Table was 14 x 4.

Battle commenced at about 11:00 am!

Here the Right Brits slam forward into the Left Brits in a stand up slug fest. To the right picture the battle continues as the Left Brits push a force on towards their right flank and roll into melee with the Right Brits, which led to much effusion of blood.

Kaptain Kneemo's forces, having completed long range destruction on the Belgian Blue Line infantry, rolled the extreme left flank, while most of the surviving Belgian infantry tried to huddle behind the woods.

The Americans and the Right Brits forces were decimated while the opposing side took some sever casualties, only the Belgians were crushed, but alas the field was carried by the forces of the Left Side in the end.

Much BBQ, snack foods and cake was consumed.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mega Battle

I decided for my birthday to host a mega VSF battle. At least 6 people will bring armies totaling nearly 15,000 points to take part. Here's the battlefield for any that think to check before coming over ! Mahaha
Center of the board here. Watery pieces of ground are swamp, any collection of trees and foilage in base to base block line of sight. Single pieces of vegitation are moveable, for looks only. The Temple is the ONLY high ground. The board is 14 feet long and 4 feet wide.

Friday night game

As our campaign on Venus moves along slowly, various skirmish games are being played out in the setting with characters from our armies. At the end of such skirmish battles someone tends to get a bit of treasure that converts to troop points for their armies.

So wending my way through a typical Friday night crowd at the Great Escape Game shop gaming room:

Then on to the game table:
The GM, Nils, Bucky and David, eagerly awaiting the word to start.

The field of investigation pictured on the left. An item to search pictured on the right.

Checking lines of sight, but alas the rifles were limited to 12 inches range to fire. My Explorer and side kick, she was a hotty, accompanied by our contingent of Tharks.

A close up of the Statue's we examined. To the right my reduced group links up with the Belgians group.

Here the Americans, British and Phobosians are involved in a 3 way no holds barred  melee, hacking and slashing till most all their henchmen were slaughtered.. then Peace broke out!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fast Paint Job

Used a sponge roller and sponge brush to put color on the temple for the game tonight. Then scattered some flocking on it glued with PVA glue. Some of my movable jungle plant bases will fill it out. Painting took about 2 stages of 15 minutes, base dark green plus dry, then roller and sponge brushing for lighter highlights.  Can use once and discard.... I have large garbage bags packed with all sorts of Styrofoam from moving sets and the like that I have amassed over the years!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alien Predator Commanalities

Having watched a series of movies involving aliens that hunt and kill humans:

They tend to breath air, water and vacuum.
They seem to be immune to -700 degrees and +400 degrees when in space but can sometimes be burned by torches.
They eat humans even though they are totally alien tissue composition.
Bullets either can not seem to hit them, tend to bounce and if they do hit, they do tiny amounts of damage.
They can see in total darkness, blinding light, infra red and just about every spectrum.
They do seem to be able to shift shape to smaller than their normal shape.
Have beam weapon technology, that when fired can sometimes be dodged as the energy beam is no faster than a slow bullet.
Traps, no matter how cunning are spotted or avoided easily except the last one, which is typically never fatal.
Aliens are Asexual, leaving young here and there when there was only one to begin with.
Aliens can use human females to reproduce with, or speed the incubation of their eggs with.
Loss of a major limb is never fatal, just slows it a tiny bit.
Repeated shots to its head that splatter plenty of goo and gobs of flesh are not typically Final fatal.
Alien demolition charges to cover up their presence always have a countdown timer, especially the self carried ones... for some reason.

Can you add more?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Modeling Source Items

Found these at a Goodwill store.
The toy bull dozer has a very good set of Tracks that I think I will detail up, cut free and cast for use on a set of tanks. The Dino bones are going to get cut up and set in jungle terrain pieces, maybe a tar pool piece also.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monsoon season sets in on Cytherea

In the west the Americans and British tore at one another in campaigns of maneuver. The Ottomans pushed westwards, the French, Swedes and Western Empire pressed their borders tighter still. One French banner mysteriously died or vanished in a time warp at the ruins of an ancient city while continuing to explore there.

There are parts of the map that might be a wee out of sorts, but I filled in what I could, and those news headline grabbing cub reporters over play up everything!

Light Green = Ottomans, Light Purple = Swedes, Light Grey = Belgains, Dk Blue = French, Md blue = Western Empire, Yellow = Kneemo, Lt Blue = Marines Expedition, Red = British