Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Mega VSF battle

Yep, decided to host a massive VSF battle , sides were determined by the pick of the players as they arrived, without knowing who chose what position as they did arrive. Leading to Belgians, British and Phobosian Qar  vs  Kneemos Expeditionare force, British and Americans.
To the right is Kneemos in the lower corner, then Brits then Americans. Opposite left side is the Belgian blue line, Brits and then the Qar in the far left most sun lit corner. Table was 14 x 4.

Battle commenced at about 11:00 am!

Here the Right Brits slam forward into the Left Brits in a stand up slug fest. To the right picture the battle continues as the Left Brits push a force on towards their right flank and roll into melee with the Right Brits, which led to much effusion of blood.

Kaptain Kneemo's forces, having completed long range destruction on the Belgian Blue Line infantry, rolled the extreme left flank, while most of the surviving Belgian infantry tried to huddle behind the woods.

The Americans and the Right Brits forces were decimated while the opposing side took some sever casualties, only the Belgians were crushed, but alas the field was carried by the forces of the Left Side in the end.

Much BBQ, snack foods and cake was consumed.

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