Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday night game

As our campaign on Venus moves along slowly, various skirmish games are being played out in the setting with characters from our armies. At the end of such skirmish battles someone tends to get a bit of treasure that converts to troop points for their armies.

So wending my way through a typical Friday night crowd at the Great Escape Game shop gaming room:

Then on to the game table:
The GM, Nils, Bucky and David, eagerly awaiting the word to start.

The field of investigation pictured on the left. An item to search pictured on the right.

Checking lines of sight, but alas the rifles were limited to 12 inches range to fire. My Explorer and side kick, she was a hotty, accompanied by our contingent of Tharks.

A close up of the Statue's we examined. To the right my reduced group links up with the Belgians group.

Here the Americans, British and Phobosians are involved in a 3 way no holds barred  melee, hacking and slashing till most all their henchmen were slaughtered.. then Peace broke out!

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