Tuesday, December 28, 2010

VSF Mech Walkers finished

Painted, and added rivets and smokestacks.
And they they are with an infantry escort / comparison.

Monday, December 27, 2010

VSF Mech Walker Conversion

Couldn't pass up this great and simple conversion:
Star Wars miniature walker, on the right is the untouched original version. Quick head swap for pith helmets on the right. Some repainting of uniforms to do but there you have the simple swap.

Killer Robot Update

Thought to up the detailing on the robots just recently constructed. So with dremel in hand it was time to add some details.
First was to extend the "guns" barrels, way to short, did not much look like guns. Thin plastic rod with "seed" beads added. I drilled into the ends of the knobs that were to be the guns and pre assembled the new barrels. Having counter drilled out the mounting spots made it go easier. Picture on the right shows the mounted barrels.
Then added some Antenna's, did think about rivets but the nice smooth shell look of the tops seemed to not need them for a change. Mounted 2 to a base for Martian Empires machines, each base is a support weapons unit.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Robots

Was browsing in a large office supply store when I happened upon some fancy plastic paper clips that can also be pinned to the wall. So digging around in the bits box I dug out some old mageknight three mech legged cyborgs, I clipped and shaped the trunk. Next was mounting a plastic tube to lift the top mount up as it was to low in my opinion.
So here are some shots, the left shows the various stages, cyborg cut, stem mounted to paper clip and unpainted complete. To the right is the robot with a flat black spray coat primer. I will dry brush them in either dark metal or perhaps brass for VSF gaming.