Monday, March 29, 2010

Forgotten Swap Meet Best Buy

Got the penultimate CoC encounter creature at the swap meet, forgot to get him out of the trunk;

Total purchase price 20$

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Painting Table, WIP new stuff

Ok, so thinking I was done with D&D collectable figures as most that I might want to have purchased were from 6 to 30 dollar ones, some with no good reason for the price other than "its a rare" to justify the price for them. So at a swap meet a guy hauls out a couple of totes of figs and I dive in. Heres what I got for 30 dollars.

By my rough count vs the on line best prices I could find, I saved about 150 dollars and shipping while on  a trip to visit the grandkids :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

WIP rock faces

Getting some materials cast up for steep impassable rock face cliff sides for my desert boards:

Used up a lot of fast curing resin that was not really suitable for the small item casting I typically do.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Doctor Howlers Elite, pulp action figures

Ok, time for some bio-suit baddies:

Doctor Howlers experiment worked.. all to well.. on him. He is undecided on whether or not to exspose his Elite Guardsmen to his new bio weapon yet. In the mean time his made experiments go on!

Worked on the suit color some, the plain mustard yellow was not quiet what I had in mind.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clockwork Black Smoke Projector Unit

Still working on the bases, whats new about that, heh.

Still working on the bases of course. Original figure is a D&D Hammerer with a large metal hammer raised up over its head. I have clipped the hammer off, removed the most of the handle, added the metal bead Cone to the haft of the hammer. Then pin and mount to the shoulder of the figure as its primary weapon. On its opposite shoulder, the remains of the original shaft of the hammer has been converted for use as a shoulder point defense weapon of some sort, technical reports have not been released on that item nor could the investigative reporters obtain any leads on it. For its final line of defense is a mechanical claw for those brave enough or.. foolish enough to press into hand to hand range.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Painting Table, Current WIP

Thought it was time to post an update of my Works in Progress. Some got pushed back, others moved forward as all the Cyborgs, Asain Women and some fantasy magic users got completed.

Egyptian Statues, Insectoids for Mi-Go in CoC, Pegasus units for an FR army, Street thugs moved up, still stuck on colors for the bio suited mustard yellow guys in the back. Finished up all the Cyborgs and Asian Women plus some fantasy casters.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Defense Entrenchments

The Battle for Hythoria looms and no defensive works are ready for the game table! Since its not really possible to dig trenches into a solid game table top, and not create a mess to be dealt with later I worked up the usual type of "entrenchments. An old yard stick was cut into 3 pieces, another square cut piece of wood was hot glued onto the back, and everything sanded down.
The backing for the Entrenchments is made from coffee stir sticks and were hot glued, lightly, into place for the bottom 2 rows.  This brought the top of the boards even with the larger piece of wood that is the stabilizing strength of the piece. Next the upright posts were hot glued in lightly, not with globs as it would push past and have to be trimmed off to get it to look right, so a bit of extra care and it comes out rather well. I did up 3 pieces at the same time, it all went rather quickly.

Here is a shot of the front slope of the entrenchment filled in with some smooth Kel Seal chunked on and roughly smoothed out. I let this all dry for an hour so that the surface would be firm before I applied the textured Kel Seal top coat. A British Sailor 28mm is for size reference.

Textured coat of Kel Seal applied, and while still damp, I stuck pebbles and bits of rock into the facings for a bit of "make it look more like dirt" effect. Leaving them to dry for an entire day, though... possibly in the very bottom inside corners it may only turn into a rubbery gel... but the outer surface will be hardened several mm's deep. The wood bracing interior will soak up some of the moisture and harden the Kel Seal on the inside also. Am seriously thinking of shooting a mold of one of them and using it to cast up a lot of resin copies to cut up and make double sided trench pieces and some end pieces. Hmm some sanding and such could angle cut some to make gun emplacements also.... So many options.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Zoz-Ar Needs Earth Women

Thought to put up some WIP on my more 30s-40s Pulp Bad Guys I have on the Paint Table.

On the left is Zoz-Ar and his Cyborgs. Kept the basic Color scheme they came in but worked up some shading and detail. Cut the Mad Alien Scientist off at the ankles, bit of xacto work and glue to stand him up rather than being in a football ready position. On the right are the Automatans, robot guards for an as yet unidentified bad guy.

Next are members of an Oriental Deadly Dames cult/gang/tong what have you. As ever, bases to be worked up etc. And finally generic bad thugs from Rent a Crook or similar organization that has a Local in every metropolitan city!

The Strange, Bizarre and Hoax's

Found this Link about things past to present:

Some are classics others very strange, especially for how long they got away with their hoax, and then how persistant some are to keep coming back, lol.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Movie Remake

Disney is digging back and updating an old sci fi movie ; Tron, the Legacy

another Iron Man 2 trailor

Heres a fun Rubegoldberg Machine:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

British Assault!

As the Battle for Hythoria has been raging in the north, the Prussian Supply Depot Port has languished as a back water, a waypoint for troops and supplies heading north. With no enemy acition for weeks, its alert status has waned to a tropical laxness.

In a early dawn assault Captian Barnsworth led a platoon of regulars, 4 Mechanified Infantry and 2 light vehicles successfuly across the Steaming River to attack the Prussian depot.Complications for the British were the 2 light vehicles suffered reduced reliability checks due to the fording of the Steaming River.  British Mission: Destroy depot supply dump and if possible Sink the Tramp Steamer docked at their quay.

Prussian mission was to hold the depot and not lose the supply dump. Complicating the Prussian situation was that they had, in order to support the northern drive, reduced their depot defenders to 2 squads of regulars and the ship board crew, 2 Klanken Troopers, 1 light field piece and a gatling point defence gun on board the ship. Prussians had defensive works up around most of the depot.

Prussian shoreside depot and Tramp Steamer.

British forces led by Captain Barnsworth come out of the grey light of dawn. The prussian work crew at the depot fled up the coast dropping tools and leaving power equipment chugging. On the right the Mechanified Infantry got a good movement roll and stormed the Prussian outter works, inflicting a grim toll on the defenders. Next shot has the Captain sending more troops into what he is hoping will be a quick mopping up and roll the defenders... fate, though, had other plans.

The prussians reeled back some, the Klanken Troops swung into action with their gatling guns chattering out thru the advancing Brits. The Mechanified troops clamber over the supply stacks and close assault the Klanks, Light Field gun and the survivors of the redout. Sporadic fire from the ship board gun rakes through the advancing infantry, driving them to cover. The shipboard sailors become impetuous and start down the dock to reinforce their army comrades.
The light artillery piece manages to blast one of the Mechanified troopers to bits, but falls to a hail of small arms fire. The Light tank manages to land a few shells into the cargo ship, then tries to move forward to bring the waterline into view and suffers a double 0 roll! mechanical problems send a stream of swamp goo shooting out the exhaust system and in a violent shaking and lurching stalls dead. The Hansen Anit Infantry vehicle comes under small arms fire and settles for a position that straffs the Tramp Steamer Gatling gun crew to their doom.
Kaptain Von Kluless nursing a bullet in the arm, and single Klanken manages to withdraw as well as half a squad of Prussians Infantry towards the ship.

With the Regulars and Hansen Anti Infantry vheicle laying down suppresive fire, the Mechanified Infantry started fires through out the landed supply dumps and withdrew in good order. What could have become a crushing victory is stymied by the Light Tanks breakdown at the worst possible moment, leaving the British to settle for a major victory.  A few prussian wounded were also taken prisoner for later questioning.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Painting Table, Sunday Update of WIP

Plunged through a lot of basing yesterday. Some bit carried over today and a couple went further back on the bench for the moment. So here is what is getting worked over today, to see how many I can get out before my characters shipment arrives, probably tommorow.

So its back to the work bench and see how many I can get done today. Try and remember to post another shot from these figs of the ones I get to game readiness.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Painting Table, Current WIP

Nother batch of figures being based and detailed up:

 Bigger than Life photo to make up for the lack of lots of detailed How-To :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beach Front Property..sort of

So, getting ready for a beach front battle I realized I had no Palm Trees based... Time to get to work on that:

Plastic sheet for Florescent Lighting snaps into piece easily for the bases. The Palm Trees are from Bakery Shop supplier.

So I spray painted the bases yellow, it was handy, but found I was out of sand, so opted for textured Kel Seal. Will put a ways of some sandy color on it.
Here's a collection of Stands needing only the wash color of paint. Figure is 28mm for scale. I found the trees did not like being hot glued at first. So I smeared some on both sides of the base and let it dry. Then about a quarter inch up put a small ring around the trunk, the a Thick ring at the base. Before sticking this on the base stand I smeared some where I wanted it Then stuck the bottom glob of hot glued trunk into the Base hot glue glob and worked it up and down for a bit. I also used a can of compressed air to Gently help cool it as that large of a over all glob cools very slowly and I did not want to spend a lot of time holding or trying to prop each tree up. Inverting the can of compressed air would shoot some propellant out and really cool it fast. Final step after they were cooled was to go around the base contact of the trunk and overall base and make sure there were not gaps in the ring keeping the tree upright. A final set of pieces that I need for an upcoming battle were Piers to run out to an Anchored Tramp Freighter.

These were assembled from left of wooden sidewalks from Arnica Building cast offs. Pier Piles are bits of other resin pieces cut small and glued on. Used the Sponge Roller to dry roll the entire top of all the pier pieces in about 3 minutes. Unevenness of the pieces is intentional, they are representing hasty work by the Prussian pioneers to get munitions and reinforcements off the steamers faster.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Atlanteans Marshal Their Forces

After a perilous expedition into the depths of the storage shed I released the forces of Atlantis from their deep slumber:

Next post is the setting up , counting and organizing all the Unpainted units.... to be added to my Paint list.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painting Table, WIP Table

Thought to pull out the camera and clik a shot of whats currently being based up, getting down there in total figures ordered / painted or spruced up for use. So more creatures for the Fantasy Rules! armies, more pulp action critters to be encountered, ghouls, mini lava guys and other things that tend to Bump in the Night as it were. But never fear as another 40 odd miniatures are due in the begining of next week. Doing the bases is tedious now, well, down right repetitious, but then I do not want to mix these new arrivals into my standard FR! rule base mix quiet yet. My FR! armies rebasing project happens about to mega tasks down the road. Let see, 2' x 2' encounter placards and Rules for my cross genere Pulp Action Games. I am holding to haveing the figures ready BEFORE I start the Pulp games as I, for  a change, do not want to have odd figures "standing in" for what I wanted to put on the table, or, gasp, use some D6's. That just makes a sameness to the whole purpose of the game. So base painting and adding scenic bits to it is consuming hours now, with a bit of a break painting a figure here and there.