Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Movie Remake

Disney is digging back and updating an old sci fi movie ; Tron, the Legacy

another Iron Man 2 trailor

Heres a fun Rubegoldberg Machine:


  1. I think those qualify as sequels, not remakes.

  2. True, probably better classed as sequels, but Tron is reaching back into the dimness of time for a movie that really pushed the limit of special effects at the time without, to me, capturing the game side very well.

  3. Somewhere - and I lost the link when my old laptop died - there are some lovely, vaugely H0/oo-25mm resin models of the speeder-bikes from Tron, I say vaugley as in reality they would be microns across!

    Memory serves you could buy them individually or in sets of three at a slight discount. Not sure if they sold them painted as well?