Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clockwork Black Smoke Projector Unit

Still working on the bases, whats new about that, heh.

Still working on the bases of course. Original figure is a D&D Hammerer with a large metal hammer raised up over its head. I have clipped the hammer off, removed the most of the handle, added the metal bead Cone to the haft of the hammer. Then pin and mount to the shoulder of the figure as its primary weapon. On its opposite shoulder, the remains of the original shaft of the hammer has been converted for use as a shoulder point defense weapon of some sort, technical reports have not been released on that item nor could the investigative reporters obtain any leads on it. For its final line of defense is a mechanical claw for those brave enough or.. foolish enough to press into hand to hand range.

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  1. I think what you have there is a Bentley Patent Shoulder Mount Anti-infantry Steam Projector. Essentially, it vents a blast of super-hot steam in a cone to the front, cooking enemy troops and leaving their equipment relatively untouched. The Bentley Anti-infantry Projector has been used on multiple occassions against Luddite rioters with great success.