Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beach Front Property..sort of

So, getting ready for a beach front battle I realized I had no Palm Trees based... Time to get to work on that:

Plastic sheet for Florescent Lighting snaps into piece easily for the bases. The Palm Trees are from Bakery Shop supplier.

So I spray painted the bases yellow, it was handy, but found I was out of sand, so opted for textured Kel Seal. Will put a ways of some sandy color on it.
Here's a collection of Stands needing only the wash color of paint. Figure is 28mm for scale. I found the trees did not like being hot glued at first. So I smeared some on both sides of the base and let it dry. Then about a quarter inch up put a small ring around the trunk, the a Thick ring at the base. Before sticking this on the base stand I smeared some where I wanted it Then stuck the bottom glob of hot glued trunk into the Base hot glue glob and worked it up and down for a bit. I also used a can of compressed air to Gently help cool it as that large of a over all glob cools very slowly and I did not want to spend a lot of time holding or trying to prop each tree up. Inverting the can of compressed air would shoot some propellant out and really cool it fast. Final step after they were cooled was to go around the base contact of the trunk and overall base and make sure there were not gaps in the ring keeping the tree upright. A final set of pieces that I need for an upcoming battle were Piers to run out to an Anchored Tramp Freighter.

These were assembled from left of wooden sidewalks from Arnica Building cast offs. Pier Piles are bits of other resin pieces cut small and glued on. Used the Sponge Roller to dry roll the entire top of all the pier pieces in about 3 minutes. Unevenness of the pieces is intentional, they are representing hasty work by the Prussian pioneers to get munitions and reinforcements off the steamers faster.

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