Friday, June 24, 2011

Mega VSF Battle

Last weekend I hosted a B-Day mega VSF battle BBQ. Photo's of the battle follow:

A view of Kaptain Kneemo's mostly robotic units that were fielded that day.
The Ottomans massive Walker bestrode the field in all its glory.

Draniki Askari skirmish towards a wire entanglement. Belgians meet Clockwork robots in the center.

Belgians and their AAfrican askari move to the front while their American allies hold their flank.

Oh and enter:
One subterranean Dinocatsaurous and one Feldtcatasaurous true terrors of the field of battle....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And the Matt is now Brown

Color coated the Matt brown rather than green for when or if any of the kel seal does not fully cover, so as to reveal bare dirt.
Next I also ran out a sample piece that I will run some colored Kel Seal and Flock over to see how it compares to each other, I will intentionally not do a great job of coverage so as to check which will look the best down the road as it were.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Project Launched

To go with the new 6x10 game board in the garage I am starting the game matt that will roll out over it. Using an old painting canvas drop cloth for the base material. Plan to take out the sewn seam in the center and re attach the two pieces by using kel seal as a glue between them. Edges will get coated with the Kel Seal also so as to prevent unraveling of any canvas edging.

Yep, thats a yard stick lying there for scale. For smaller games I have my 4x6 foot matts that I can use. Also planning on some  4x6 boards with blue foam so that I can do rivers and such in them, then lay them out side by side for up to a 6 x 12 board, and that's as big as I plan on at this time!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New works

Thought to take a couple of photos for what's on the workbench at this time. First is Officer markers for the Martian Empires games were playing. Each has a Command Radius, with General being the greatest on down to Major. So with 3 grades of officers radius, I determined to use 3 figures for the Generals , then 2 for the next and 1 for the last, each on a 50mm round base.

Next, something of a scenic complaint about all those units firing their smoke creating rifles got me to thinking about different approaches to how to have a line of smoke without just piling cotton balls along the front edge of the units.

I used Cloth wire, sniping away and covered a one inch line of wires projecting forth, then left a few wires to bend down to the ground with a final curl of the bottom edge, which will be attached to a base. Over all, once its based and the wires hidden, I think it will fit the bill for a good photo effect of a firing line. Shorter pieces will be made for units that have suffered casualties/lost stands.