Monday, June 13, 2011

New Project Launched

To go with the new 6x10 game board in the garage I am starting the game matt that will roll out over it. Using an old painting canvas drop cloth for the base material. Plan to take out the sewn seam in the center and re attach the two pieces by using kel seal as a glue between them. Edges will get coated with the Kel Seal also so as to prevent unraveling of any canvas edging.

Yep, thats a yard stick lying there for scale. For smaller games I have my 4x6 foot matts that I can use. Also planning on some  4x6 boards with blue foam so that I can do rivers and such in them, then lay them out side by side for up to a 6 x 12 board, and that's as big as I plan on at this time!

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