Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marines Colors

Red and white for VSF= British, Blue and white = French... so moving away from those I settled on Green and White, black shoes and khaki color for helmets. Along that route we have so far:

So, starting to shape up. Sailors are in the background. Figure to give them Green trim on their shoulder piece.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kaptain Kneemo's Shipboard Marines

Cleand and ready to be primed, a platoon of shipboard marines;

I'm using Spainish Pithhelmeted soldiers from the Old Glory Spanish American war line.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Are The Law done

Bases done, vehicles assembled for the Lawman force, copplestone figures.  In a recent game, the sniper, front rank, long rifle, scored two kills!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fallen Statue

So here's a shot of the soft plastic Egyptian figures I bought for a few dollars, most are about 4 inches high, lack detail and garish paint job. Perfect for a statue though.
Nest shot has a plastic base left over from some desert placards. Plastic shrimp cup inverted and hot glued. One of the figures has been cut up, collapsed as it were, and hot glued down. I left a bit more of the legs on the original base to make it obvious, something broke off. The eye can follow along either way and see what has befallen the statue..

A quick base coat to highlight the broken bits of the statue. Probably paint the broken statue in an off white, or in weathered garish colors, most statues had been painted originally. Sand drift to build up and cover a little of the broken bits I think.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Web Comic

Well not new, but new to me, RRsize showed to me, I'm hooked:

New Ground Cover Bits

So I found some new plastic plant material at the local Joann's Crafts and got to work on assembling some leafy bush bits for scattering on the game field where appropriate.

First shot is the Leafy basics with flowers etc dropped on to the work table. Next are a sample set of cuttings trimmed off with a pair of scissors, its very soft plastic, color is not bad at all. Time to break out the Hot glue gun, some small plastic cut bases.

So dab of hot glue, add another bit of the foliage, dab and add about 5 times. Next Flock some of the small plastic bases. Painted them Green and put out side to dry for about 10 minutes, apply white pva glue, dip into the Flock tub, lightly press the flock into the glue and let dry for an hour under a hot light lamp.  When the base is ready, I take up the created bush and hot glue it to the stand. Adding some other types of weedy bits, small rocks and the like spice it up nicely.

Until you get several of them done as pictured to the left with a 28mm figure for comparison. Not much time to whip up couple dozen bits.

And there you have it.