Friday, February 28, 2014

Prison Break!

From their previous runs at the Cultists nefarious doings to get clues about their final plan, Team MIS and Team MS found themselves at a Prison somewhere outside of Avalon.  Team MIS with more solved parts of the mystery started inside the Prison compound while Team MS started at the front gates.  First thing noticed was that the prison staff was gone...............just the central yard, filled with prisoners!  ((lacking suitable prisoner figures I pressed into service a batch of plastic figures...))

Prison Yard:
Prison Front Gate area:
The setting was changed when both players rolled the pre scenario modifiers, with Team MS rolling FOG!!!!! visibility reduced to 12 inches! This was to play a crucial change in the outcome due to limiting firing engagement ranges and seeing what was going on!

After a turn of checking buildings by Team MIS and Team MS discovering the front gates unlocked the ground began to shake and lo!
 From the shaking Earth came:

Out of the bowels of the earth the Device MX2 erupted into the Yard!! Cultists poured forth!

Both teams began an approach of the vehicle, taking cultists under fire...and a few hapless prisoners caught in the crossfire. Team MS inched forward, scanning everywhere, trying to figure out what was happening. Meanwhile Team MIS discovered that the warden had received a phone call and promptly had ordered the evacuation of the prison staff!

Both teams finally rushed the side of the Tunneler, resulting in a violent hand to hand combat at the ladder. Team MS managed to get an agent up the ladder only to become engaged at the hatchway by a cultist inside. In order to "lend assistance to our fellow comrades...." MIS passed several checks to toss a grenade into the Tunneler... the resulting blast flung the cultist out through the door, off the MS agent, down the ladder and to the ground stunned!

With all the gun fire, the prisoners swarmed the buildings for the only real cover available to them. Meanwhile, on the other side of the tunneler, cultists finally managed to get the attention of their leader who had been imprisoned on an unrelated charge to his actual plots!  Sister Painful lept from the tunneler and tossed a large bundle to him.. which he failed to catch, losing precious time! As Team MS agents dashed to the far side of the tunneler to see what was happening they recognized the hated Sister and opened fire! Sister Painful returned fire, covering her Leader, who struggled but finally got his portable rocket back pack on!

Where upon as soon as he could, he launched away with Sister Painful. Both teams cursed and shook their fists while firing at the cultists that retreated back into the tunneler. Team leader of MS stopped at the hatch, coughing from the smoke that had increased since the explosion....... finally deciding to evacuate the area instead of pressing inside for any clues or information that might be inside.... Which in turn saved his life as moments after running, the tunneler blew up in a HUGE explosion!!!

(( Scenario set up had the warden:bribed to evacuate the staff

Prisoners were un armed and non combatants

The Cult leader had to be found by rolling a 1 on a D10 by cultists moving through the crowd after a 2 turn delay.

Stopping the Cult Leader was the Only Plot Point/Major in the scenario.

The Tunneler was programed to Blow UP 3 turns after Sister Painful made her escape.... such a callous disregard for her minions lives!!

The crew of the tunneler were slightly better trained than those used in earlier scenarios.

Another shot of the Tunneler


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Device MX2

Had to get cracking on the tunneler for the Chapter final scenario! A basic shape cut from a large tin can covered in cardboard strips and LOTS of rivets.
This shot is of the inside and side Panels, plut the rough top piece. Next is progress made.
Here is the basic body form, rising from the ground. The front "rotating plate is attached.
Here we have the Screw Blades attached to the cone and its all lined up, hit it with a light coat of black. Will be doing the dirt piles/debris under and around the cone for the final piece. Couple of side hatches to do yet and of course lots more painting. As to the size, well, villains Always Super Size their fiendish devices! Mahahahha..... er and the concludes the report sir...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rumble in the Forest

Tips poured in about strange noises from the forest, in the direction of an old church and ground vibrations led the Commission to dispatch 2 teams to investigate. Arriving at the ruins they immediately spotted heavy equipment and scattered materials... along with Cultists everywhere!
Springing into action battle commenced.
Team MS pushes in hard and lays waste to cultist perimeter guards.
Action continues as cultist grab up what ever weapons are handy.
The crane platform is crawling with bad guys. Team MIS suffers 2 agents down and out regardless of their covering fire. Team MS slows their push forward and settle in to trading fire with the Crane operators, who tire of this and take drastic action.
Crane starts rotating and shatters ancient church columns, tumbling agents and cultists alike to the ground!
Then Team MIS secures the Device MX2 Blueprints and makes their way to safety, as the crane swings in the other direction and flattens more agents and cultists!

Team MS rallies to their vehicle and make a hasty retreat themselves.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Battle On the Docks Part Dux

The Mystery Solvers team finally realized they were on a wild goose chase and redirected their efforts back to the Investigative Commissions office where a conversation was over heard:

"So Mr Green, your team searched the freighter and obtained all the information there?"
Yes sir
"Hmm I see you brought a handful of documents?"
Yes sir
"There weren't any other items of interest in the holds of the freighter?"
"Did you search the Holds??"

So the MS team was dispatched back to the freighter to search the rest of the ship for any more informative items that might be found.

Entering from the south side of the docks the MS agents quickly found Cultists trying to recover items from the blasted truck and added to its carnage total with another grenade!

MS agent "Sarge" advances to put down covering fire only to run into danger!
From which he suffers a wound that he is unable to shake off as time ticks by, but he spots some hostile lurking in the trees nearby and decides to "smoke em out" with his remaining grenade.

The explosions alert the Cultist work crew on board the freighter, some running to the rails and opening fire.
MS agents run a gauntlet of fire to gain the gangplank.
Shooting breaks out at the stern and bow of the ship with the ill equipped cultist work crews, though numerous, steadily being beaten back. Meanwhile Sarge shakes off the wound, and after trading fire finds he is engaged in a duel with Sister Painful, grins and charges her!   BUT!  She whips out a rapier and they enter into a brawl, which Sarge slowly starts loosing
Realizing he's in over his head against such a skillful adversary he calls for Parley!
 And bolts from the action! Meanwhile MS agents have penetrated down into the holds of the ship only to find more work crew cultists armed with spanners and anything they can grab.

Shooting and fighting steadily sees the cultists taken down in the stern section while in the forward holds a pack of cultists have one armed guard open up on an Agent with a burst of SMG fire!
With the hail of fire hammering the area, Team Leader rushes the Thompson gunner, dodging the burst fire and with the butt of his rifle laid out the Guard.

Back on the dock, an MS agent, from a distance sees Sister Painful pull a small box from her utility belt, press a button on it and toss it into the river, turn and walk away............Whats this????

Back on board an MS agent in the engine room (passes a cunning check) notices a loud ticking noise, turns and spots a large crate with a ticking countdown timer!!!!!

Shouts to "FINISH THE SEARCH" ring out, Agents scramble, but those dastards have set multiple charges, which start going off one after the other. Team Leader bolts up top and to the chart room where he finds one last item he grabs successfully, vaults the rail and onto the dock as the ship bottom blows out and it lists heavily before bottoming out.
In the mean time Sister Painful strolls to a car and makes her get away unconcerned about the sinking of the ship.............ominous portent indeed.

Rallying back at the headquarters the team assembles what they have learned about items on the ship. Some sort of curved hull plating, a ground screwdrive propulsion system, gigantic auger blades and a periscope assembly...............what the devil are they up to??

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pulp Alley After Action Report : Battle On the Docks

First I revamped the docks themselves, removing the clunky boxes and getting some proper pillars installed for the game:
The Mystery Solvers Team was MIA , chasing down a false lead, leaving only the MIS Team in action here at the docks.
Here they enter the area, probing carefully forward. The sidekick had upped her skill level adding Eagle Eye, while packing an assault rifle (sub machine gun), proving to be a very effective area suppressor.

First Cultist, a guard, is spotted and an exchange of gunfire ensues. The rest of the team swings wide down the other side of the yard. Only to meet a truck being loaded by more cultists, who pull pistols and open fire.
MIS starts to rush forward into the yard only to come under fire by the guards SMG!! Dealing with that, team leader is aghast to see more cultists reinforce around the truck!

"This isn't time for half measures men, Follow me!" and chucks a grenade into the truck successfully!
Cultists go flying and only one arises from from the smoke, only to be cut down. The fight in the yard ends when the Guard goes down and Stays Down.

Gun fire continues from the sidekick against cultists rushing to the rails of the bridge. A steady pile of bodies accumulates.
Sensing things are going down hill fast Sister Painful takes out an agent then pins Team Leader for a bit.
As agents rush the ship, a last cultist drops an agent on the dock! Team leader leaps his body and gains the ship, skillfully dodging Sister Painfuls fire.

Climbing up and around the superstructure he uses the corners skillfully to avoid additional fire against him, gets to the door where the major plot point is in and chucks his last grenade into the room to very effective results... two cultists down for good!
Major Plot point is a stack of correspondence between various leaders of the cultists describing who from the list of suspects they were unable to "convince" to join their cause.  Victory MIS.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Action on the Waterfront

Next scenario for the Pulp Alley will be at the waterfront now that the teams have cleared the industrial area of clues and culprits!

Entry side 1 , overview of the area. Warehouse and storage yard with access to the docks.
Entry side 2 Brick warehouse and storage yard off to the side, and access to the docks.

The Freighter where its anyone's guess what might be aboard!

Action to take place in 2 days.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Work Shed

Time for a basic workshop shed of some sort, with corrugated sheet metal sides and roof.
A basic foam core building covered in sheets of corrugated card board stock from a scrap booking supply store. Have to distress the large slider doors some, but did leave the right one slightly open so as to invite the unwary to stick their nose in....
Close up shot of the open slider door.

Hmm with a bit of cut and hot glue, paint and sizing, added an optional Base for the building so that it can receive truck loads:

Next, a clutter yard with no fences next.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Second Storage Yard

Same approach to assembly as the first, different layout, different fencing.
and from the other angle

Storage Yard

Thought it was time to have a Storage Yard to put behind a business building.  Yet to make it interesting I decided to make it look neglected. Ground first:
So here we go, Dirt, dirty dirt. Making the board on a standard block size I use for my large buildings. Going to add some oil stains once its drier.

Next up, whats in the storage yard but Crates of who knows what. I spaced them to allow characters to move between them and or lie in wait. Stacked high enough that they cannot be seen over for the most part, and yes, there is a stack that is leaning badly... perilously!

Having affixed the crates to each other and the base it was time to build some fencing for the yard. I went with a more modern chain link sorta feel for that. Mounted window mesh on bamboo skewer poles attached to some odds and ends plastic stock.  I set them in place to see how they would scale.

The unpainted border edge is getting pavement put on it so I skipped painting it so far. Fence gets sprayed silver and then a red oxide spray from a distance to age it. Trimmed all the edges around the posts also.  Side walks drawn and glued down next.

After setting the fence sections I rolled my chair back and thought about storage yards I had worked at..... Weeds!
Here's another angle of the yard... hmmm still not satisfied with the amount of Neglect.
Ah, scattered some papers, one here way back on left and of course, a warning sign.... Might put on a gate that's leaning open....and scatter some more paper, maybe a couple of tin cans on the side walk...

And there you have it. A business can be backed up on the far side as the brick building is or left to meet the back edge of the board. The side walk effect was an attempt at a marker drawing the "squares" and then painted over quickly to let the black stain through. Not satisfied with it though...