Monday, February 3, 2014

Storage Yard

Thought it was time to have a Storage Yard to put behind a business building.  Yet to make it interesting I decided to make it look neglected. Ground first:
So here we go, Dirt, dirty dirt. Making the board on a standard block size I use for my large buildings. Going to add some oil stains once its drier.

Next up, whats in the storage yard but Crates of who knows what. I spaced them to allow characters to move between them and or lie in wait. Stacked high enough that they cannot be seen over for the most part, and yes, there is a stack that is leaning badly... perilously!

Having affixed the crates to each other and the base it was time to build some fencing for the yard. I went with a more modern chain link sorta feel for that. Mounted window mesh on bamboo skewer poles attached to some odds and ends plastic stock.  I set them in place to see how they would scale.

The unpainted border edge is getting pavement put on it so I skipped painting it so far. Fence gets sprayed silver and then a red oxide spray from a distance to age it. Trimmed all the edges around the posts also.  Side walks drawn and glued down next.

After setting the fence sections I rolled my chair back and thought about storage yards I had worked at..... Weeds!
Here's another angle of the yard... hmmm still not satisfied with the amount of Neglect.
Ah, scattered some papers, one here way back on left and of course, a warning sign.... Might put on a gate that's leaning open....and scatter some more paper, maybe a couple of tin cans on the side walk...

And there you have it. A business can be backed up on the far side as the brick building is or left to meet the back edge of the board. The side walk effect was an attempt at a marker drawing the "squares" and then painted over quickly to let the black stain through. Not satisfied with it though...