Sunday, February 16, 2014

Battle On the Docks Part Dux

The Mystery Solvers team finally realized they were on a wild goose chase and redirected their efforts back to the Investigative Commissions office where a conversation was over heard:

"So Mr Green, your team searched the freighter and obtained all the information there?"
Yes sir
"Hmm I see you brought a handful of documents?"
Yes sir
"There weren't any other items of interest in the holds of the freighter?"
"Did you search the Holds??"

So the MS team was dispatched back to the freighter to search the rest of the ship for any more informative items that might be found.

Entering from the south side of the docks the MS agents quickly found Cultists trying to recover items from the blasted truck and added to its carnage total with another grenade!

MS agent "Sarge" advances to put down covering fire only to run into danger!
From which he suffers a wound that he is unable to shake off as time ticks by, but he spots some hostile lurking in the trees nearby and decides to "smoke em out" with his remaining grenade.

The explosions alert the Cultist work crew on board the freighter, some running to the rails and opening fire.
MS agents run a gauntlet of fire to gain the gangplank.
Shooting breaks out at the stern and bow of the ship with the ill equipped cultist work crews, though numerous, steadily being beaten back. Meanwhile Sarge shakes off the wound, and after trading fire finds he is engaged in a duel with Sister Painful, grins and charges her!   BUT!  She whips out a rapier and they enter into a brawl, which Sarge slowly starts loosing
Realizing he's in over his head against such a skillful adversary he calls for Parley!
 And bolts from the action! Meanwhile MS agents have penetrated down into the holds of the ship only to find more work crew cultists armed with spanners and anything they can grab.

Shooting and fighting steadily sees the cultists taken down in the stern section while in the forward holds a pack of cultists have one armed guard open up on an Agent with a burst of SMG fire!
With the hail of fire hammering the area, Team Leader rushes the Thompson gunner, dodging the burst fire and with the butt of his rifle laid out the Guard.

Back on the dock, an MS agent, from a distance sees Sister Painful pull a small box from her utility belt, press a button on it and toss it into the river, turn and walk away............Whats this????

Back on board an MS agent in the engine room (passes a cunning check) notices a loud ticking noise, turns and spots a large crate with a ticking countdown timer!!!!!

Shouts to "FINISH THE SEARCH" ring out, Agents scramble, but those dastards have set multiple charges, which start going off one after the other. Team Leader bolts up top and to the chart room where he finds one last item he grabs successfully, vaults the rail and onto the dock as the ship bottom blows out and it lists heavily before bottoming out.
In the mean time Sister Painful strolls to a car and makes her get away unconcerned about the sinking of the ship.............ominous portent indeed.

Rallying back at the headquarters the team assembles what they have learned about items on the ship. Some sort of curved hull plating, a ground screwdrive propulsion system, gigantic auger blades and a periscope assembly...............what the devil are they up to??

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