Friday, February 14, 2014

Pulp Alley After Action Report : Battle On the Docks

First I revamped the docks themselves, removing the clunky boxes and getting some proper pillars installed for the game:
The Mystery Solvers Team was MIA , chasing down a false lead, leaving only the MIS Team in action here at the docks.
Here they enter the area, probing carefully forward. The sidekick had upped her skill level adding Eagle Eye, while packing an assault rifle (sub machine gun), proving to be a very effective area suppressor.

First Cultist, a guard, is spotted and an exchange of gunfire ensues. The rest of the team swings wide down the other side of the yard. Only to meet a truck being loaded by more cultists, who pull pistols and open fire.
MIS starts to rush forward into the yard only to come under fire by the guards SMG!! Dealing with that, team leader is aghast to see more cultists reinforce around the truck!

"This isn't time for half measures men, Follow me!" and chucks a grenade into the truck successfully!
Cultists go flying and only one arises from from the smoke, only to be cut down. The fight in the yard ends when the Guard goes down and Stays Down.

Gun fire continues from the sidekick against cultists rushing to the rails of the bridge. A steady pile of bodies accumulates.
Sensing things are going down hill fast Sister Painful takes out an agent then pins Team Leader for a bit.
As agents rush the ship, a last cultist drops an agent on the dock! Team leader leaps his body and gains the ship, skillfully dodging Sister Painfuls fire.

Climbing up and around the superstructure he uses the corners skillfully to avoid additional fire against him, gets to the door where the major plot point is in and chucks his last grenade into the room to very effective results... two cultists down for good!
Major Plot point is a stack of correspondence between various leaders of the cultists describing who from the list of suspects they were unable to "convince" to join their cause.  Victory MIS.

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