Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting Close to Done on the Matt

And onwards:

 Brushable caulking spread area covered about 3/4 inch deep in flocking, after sprinkling some assorted coarse cut colors here and there.

My Fixitiv Answer to make sure the flocking "sticks" and does not leave bare spots......should any bare spots occur, the previous article shows how I fix them, also how I fix any spots I think need more attention.
Here is the area with the excess flocking tapped off by lifting the matt and hitting the back lightly. The excess is scooped up and returned to the storage tray till I get the next area smeared.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Game Matt Progress

So shots of progress being made:

Working the brushable caulking into the felt after tinting the caulking green, which doesn't show up well in this light.... Smoothing with the spatula to prevent Lines or edges of caulking from remaining after the flocking procedure and rolling it.

Here is a splat patch on an area that was not fully covered the first time. A small dab spread out in all directions. Total area here is about 2 inches square. Then add some coarse chopped flock and cover with the T 49, then rolling pin smashes the flock into the caulking, allow 4 hours to dry before tapping the back to knock off the excess flocking.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New commisioned Game Matt in Progress

Using green Felt material, bit over 4 x 6 feet in size. The indomitable Kel Seal brushable caulking is being mixed with Very Dark Green craft paint that I bought on sale from Micheals Crafts.
So here is the work in progress. The fold in the center is the middle point of the board, with 3 feet to either side. I'm trying to spread just enough Kel seal to smear into the felt to make sure its worked in and then turn it the shade of colored green I have mixed it to rather than "buttering" it on as I have in the past.

Flocking, I scattered colored bits of coarse cut turf around first, then pour heaps of flocking on the entire smeared area, pull out the trust rolling pin and work it over. Let dry for a couple hours. Then Lift and let the excess pour down slope, tap the back to shake more off. Leave it alone till the entire surface is completed, then spritz heavily with diluted PVA glue, let dry over night.

Any Thin spots, just brush on some more mixed kel seal and hit with more flocking, press and PVA it.

Use the Search on this site for more articles on how I have been making matts in the past.