Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Fantasy Reinforcements

While digging around for bits for Tharks, I stumbled across that "backlog" of going to paint and mount fantasy pile....

On the Left are part of the City State to be named city archers and the countryside cat folk levy archers. To the right are the City musketeers and some levy archers. I had been lacking in bow armed troops for my more Human armies. The goal has been a Force of Good from a city state and allied countryside and an Evil Sorcerers army of demons and creatures of ill repute pictured below.

The Evil Sorcerers forces will still mostly equate out as Swordsmen or Spears under the Fantasy Rules system we play with, just using an array of demons and creatures to stand in the place of ranks of plate armed swords etc.

I also have 2 Medieval armies, call them High Medieval with lots of plate cavalry and foot and Low medieval with chain wearing cavalry and foot. And as usual the flocking and base bits get scattered on this evening.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thoats... a possible start creature.

3 discount shops and a Good Will later I have some dino's for their legs..... either they were huge, compared to the size of the riders, or 1 inch high. Time to throw in a movie, get out the blades and saw and get to..... kit bashing.....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thark Cavalry riders

The arrived today! Blarg, now I have to create 48 Thoats for the riders. Plan to work one up and cast them to save on trying to find an 8 legged mount with a paddle tail..... 48 will give me 8 units of 6 figures that are the typical unit for the game system. Should be enough units of Cav to get something done heh.

Looked at some Dinosaurs today, to small, only couple of inches high, have to check some other stores. Then plan to carve them up and create the basic thoat. Step 2 will be cut the legs off at the shoulders leaving the body as one piece, cast with the riders legs and saddle included. The base with 8 legs standing up will the other piece, cast, match, patch and paint.

Now that the basic plan is laid out, its on  to the fiddly bits.... "I hate the fiddly bits".....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thark Big Guns

Being that every VSF earth army has some sort of armored vehicles of wheel, track, walker or flyer's I thought it prudent to develop some artillery for the Tharks. Of course I didn't want it to look like any one else's artillery. So I dug down into my mageknight bits box and robots, cut and pruned, hot glue, glue and some artistry:

And here it is, made 2 of them for good measure. Blocky wheels and a bit of tech, probably captured and converted.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Smell of Tharks in the Morning

Working up my native VSF force, a labor of 3 years now. Tracking down Mageknight Shyft Fiends to be my 4 Armed Tharks first was .... very trying in that I didn't want to sell my house to get everyone that I came across. Main problem for them is that besides being all in the same pose, they sport no radium rifles ... or projectile weapons of any sort. Time to improvise finally arrived along with a box of Kroot and a donated pile of Kroot, whose rifles were stripped of hook bits, carved one of the two hands off. Painting and adapting them came next.

Here are the rifles tacked down with tape for spray priming behind a couple of type typical "Tharks" The smaller guy on the right will form up my Milita quality units while the beefy fellow on the left will be the Guards and other higher quality troops. I matched the hands still cast on the rifles color to the figures which took a bit of experimentation.

So here is a set of 4 of the Guard Tharks in a row. All the same pose. First off I popped shields of a few off and hot glued them into other poses as well as moving them to another hand. Limited variety still but with some painting touches on the Shields, variety will be achieved. Sort of similar to Zulu Shields being all the same shape and size but the cow fur patterns lending the variety to them.

Have to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the added rifles to the 4 figures. I think they will be variable enough to not look cookie cut. I'm saving the various shields, swords and such that I am replacing with rifles for the Cavalry that I will be working on next. A shortage of Guards means I will use the mageknight shyft fiend caster to adapt to the cavalry. My thoughts are running along the lines that I will make a multi legged mount then model the waist down of the rider to the mount, and cast them up. Then clip the casters off at the waste, mount on mounts riders lower legs, adapt weapons and shields. Lots of bases to sand and pebble up for Mars......