Monday, March 12, 2012

Thark Cavalry riders

The arrived today! Blarg, now I have to create 48 Thoats for the riders. Plan to work one up and cast them to save on trying to find an 8 legged mount with a paddle tail..... 48 will give me 8 units of 6 figures that are the typical unit for the game system. Should be enough units of Cav to get something done heh.

Looked at some Dinosaurs today, to small, only couple of inches high, have to check some other stores. Then plan to carve them up and create the basic thoat. Step 2 will be cut the legs off at the shoulders leaving the body as one piece, cast with the riders legs and saddle included. The base with 8 legs standing up will the other piece, cast, match, patch and paint.

Now that the basic plan is laid out, its on  to the fiddly bits.... "I hate the fiddly bits".....


  1. So do I. Looking forward to seeing the finished results though.

  2. Sounds like a solid plan. I look forward to seeing its fruition. You always come up with something astonishing, Alfrik!