Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Fantasy Reinforcements

While digging around for bits for Tharks, I stumbled across that "backlog" of going to paint and mount fantasy pile....

On the Left are part of the City State to be named city archers and the countryside cat folk levy archers. To the right are the City musketeers and some levy archers. I had been lacking in bow armed troops for my more Human armies. The goal has been a Force of Good from a city state and allied countryside and an Evil Sorcerers army of demons and creatures of ill repute pictured below.

The Evil Sorcerers forces will still mostly equate out as Swordsmen or Spears under the Fantasy Rules system we play with, just using an array of demons and creatures to stand in the place of ranks of plate armed swords etc.

I also have 2 Medieval armies, call them High Medieval with lots of plate cavalry and foot and Low medieval with chain wearing cavalry and foot. And as usual the flocking and base bits get scattered on this evening.

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