Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tank Update Photo

WIP update photo with fenders and head lamps

Trucks and Vehicles

Purchased some trucks and cars from Bluemoon Miniatures. Have to say, they need a lot of attention to detail when cleaning and assembling. A Lot. Pieces were not sent with the stake bed truck, wheels and the back stake walls had 2 right side pieces which meant customizing one to fit the other side. When assembled with scratch built wheels it came out pretty good.

Next up is the 4 door sedan. Still working on getting the resin cleaned up. Hats off to RRsize for his efforts in getting the Mechanized portion of the 1st Mechanized Precinct ready for the 2ndACW battles we will be fighting in June.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Self Propeled Artillery

OK next out of the factory is a work in progress that will not quiet make it to priming tonight:

Where I am at at the moment, Gun mount figured out and raised for pivot rather than totally fixed mount gun.

Earlier shots of side skirts and munition boxes being mounted.

Where I started the project with, bits and pieces from the Grant Tank 1/48th model I am deconstructing for parts for the self propelled gun.

Tank Takes Shape

Got out the first piece of armored fighting vehicle for the Expeditionary force. Started with a Bulldozer and did the turn it around for a new front. An old Grant Tank, 1/48th scale provided bits and pieces, especially the armored vision ports.

Bull dozer blade removed and the set piece bogie's also. Refit the stock bogie piece with bogies from the Grant as well as trim fitting Drive sprocket gear teeth over the existing ones.

Gun turret added. Proved to difficult to cut into the upper chassis after I shortened the overall height of the tank by cutting away some of the under carriage. Next was cut and thin the gun port covers from the Grant tank.

Spare bogies put on the outboard back side. Primed and drying for color coat next.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ships Sailors for Kapt Kneemo

Mahahaa, when it rains, etc.

Kapt Kneemo's ships sailors, 3 10 man squads for shore patrols have arrived. Probably put them in the traditional off white.. hmmm have to check around some for possible color changes. Suggestions?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mechanified Flying Crafts WIP !! Just Arrived..........Finally!

Alright, it's been a struggle with the mixed numbers and shipping, reshipping and finally the arrival of Kapt. Kneemo's new factory built air support:
There is a mounting hole in the back end top side what begs for an aerial, to support the either remote controls or perhaps a surveillance item?

I figure to remove the forward pointing tusks with 50 cal. MG barrel style gun tubes, small holed drilled thru the length of the barrels.

Devestation from Above!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Progress on Rubble Building

RRsize has made some more progress on detailing his rubble building:

WIP conversion

Got a mounted riding undead mummy dragon pair, but the riders were blah, so using some other riders, clip here and there, fill wing socket holes with hot glue, touch up and you have:

To be mounted on a base, which is lacking flock and label strip for Fantasy Rules use.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Robot Arms

Ok, first robot has its tubular arms, but not manipulators mounted. Still not painted yet either;

I have added beads of hot glue at the shoulder joint to fill in the notched section.  An unmodified robot torso in the back ground.

Rubble Building

RRsize was over and put in more work painting his rubbled building. Thought to post an updated set of pictures:
More work to go. The wooden floor sections are removable to add variety options for the building. Interior still to be worked up and of course more painting of exterior debris.  Might ask him to mount some glass panes back into some of the windows, up to him though.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Robots WIP

Playing around with some of the Mage Knights Technopriests, 3 mechanical legged, human top figures I have started assembling some pulp robots:
Here on the left picture are the basic parts from right to left: Technopriest whole figure, clipped at waist and then the bead collection package for 3 figures. On the right the beads have been stacked and a hole drilled into the base of the torso mount. A round top pin was cut and shortened to then allow all to be glued in a stack and pinned to the torso bottom / legs section. Arms are in the works, not sure what type of ends to them just yet. No painting yet, colors are what original parts cane as.  Will be using a metallic color though, maybe a few small warning stripes, directional arrows or such!