Saturday, May 1, 2010

Robots WIP

Playing around with some of the Mage Knights Technopriests, 3 mechanical legged, human top figures I have started assembling some pulp robots:
Here on the left picture are the basic parts from right to left: Technopriest whole figure, clipped at waist and then the bead collection package for 3 figures. On the right the beads have been stacked and a hole drilled into the base of the torso mount. A round top pin was cut and shortened to then allow all to be glued in a stack and pinned to the torso bottom / legs section. Arms are in the works, not sure what type of ends to them just yet. No painting yet, colors are what original parts cane as.  Will be using a metallic color though, maybe a few small warning stripes, directional arrows or such!


  1. I love to modify prepainted minis too!
    That's great stuff, well done!!


  2. that is a very good idea! Those beads look great!