Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pulp Policeman Force, WIP

Fast note, I've had to, sadly, start moderating posts due to oriental porn sites posting comments etc....Please feel free to continue to post comments and I'll bet them on fairly promptly. Onwards to new works in progress:

Here are my Tramp steamer Seamen from Pulp Action miniatures. A bit further along is that they are all based now and primer is drying. Multiple uses  for these lads... tramp steamer, dock workers, roust-abouts in the dock side taverns and all around thugs...

Next are the fellows who will attempt to keep the "law" with what ever is necessary. More figures from Pulp Action. I like the 30 cal water cooled machine gun, off set some of the bad guys fire power. One of the officers has a scoped rifle for the tricky shots... heh.

Realized I needed some law men while our Pulp Action Role play game " The League" moves along.

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