Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pygmy's, New WIP Update

Wow, had to take a break and paint a 1:1 Scale, 1:1 ratio house with the wife. In the mean time did a bit of painting:

On left are start of the cow hide zulu shield colors. On the right are the blow pipe troops.. backed by a menace that sees them as "bite size"...


  1. Nice work! Waiting eagerly to see new progress!


  2. That has to be what, at least 1600 mm scale? That's a lot of Vallejos. Did you use the three color system, or just the Magic Dip?

    By the way, the pygmies are loking good so far. I wish I had a hundred or so.

  3. J, if your refereing to the Worm, it has not been modified from purchase color set, yet, will do a bit of high lighting to it, possibly a gloss finish on the "underside" ...