Saturday, March 29, 2014

Episode 2, Chapter 1 The case of the German Moles

Two Commission Agents are dispatched to infiltrate an Auxiliary Headquarters of the GEE to secure documents and flight model and bring them back to the Commissions base in France. This is a cooperative mission. Research leads the Commission to believe that the German GEE agent and his hired Archeologist are new to the GEE from Austria and should be possible to use their identities to infiltrate a small GEE headquarters in southern Germany. Team Leader from MIS and Sidekick from OS are issued false papers clothing and uniforms and assume the GEE Team sent to Brazil.

Arrival at the GEE Headquarters South.

Being a covert mission they are limited to one pistol for the German GEE Agent "Franz" while Specialist in Archeology and native languages "Jorge" has but a pocket knife. Neither of which does them any good as both are Secured upon their arrival in the Commandants office.
The office has 2 safes, one for weapons from visitors and the other with classified documents, which is how Franz manages to secure the first plot point by stating he has Secret Papers for the commandant , who is not present due to "car trouble" and insists that their escort allow him to place them into the safe. (Cunning check passed) Safe is opened and some slight of hand, a notebook is lifted from the safe while the Secret Documents are left!

The Escort chatters away about the facility while taking them on a tour, when Franz indicates that he has heard Doctor Eric is working at this facility.. "why yes he is"... "could I stop by to say hello, as he is a friend of mine?" (Cunning  check passed) "Of course I will take you to his lab."

Top center room is Doctor Erics lab...a Commission Contact agent in the GEE. Upon arrival at the lab the Doctor of Gravitational Studies, engages in some conversation with Franz while Jorge inspects various machines and worktables (passes a finesse check...barely) where upon he adds a blueprint to the inside of his shirt. (second plot point secured) Doctor Eric offers to join the inspection tour to which the Escort defers.

As they travel to the west wing main lab, they are stopped along the way and their identify passes checked by the guards in the hall ways, all is clear.
At the west wing main lab, Franz asks about the Gravitational flight research, as nothing in the lab seems associated with it? Doctor Eric tells him, Nein, this is the X-3 project room.  ?  Where volunteers are injected with a special serum to improve their muscle tone and reflexs.... Volunteer 11 should arrive in the next hour, but on to the Lower Lab. He leads them to a vault door, opens it, steps in and drops out of sight.... slowly. Everyone follows, at the bottom the good doctor tells them that it is the first application of their new gravity control, a replacement for an elevator! He's quiet proud of it.

At the Basement Lab

Here they again tour about, asking Doctor Eric about this and that technical questions, lulling their official escort to boredom. "I understand you have a model of the test vehicle?"  "Yes yes, let me show you..." and leads them down the corridor where a guard stares hard at Jorge's identity paper and seems.... concerned, but waves them on (Jorge failed a 1 success finesse check and got 2 suspicion points) At the end of the hall they enter the lab with the model on display. Franz looks it over carefully and draws Doctor Eric over  to exclaim "someone has tampered with this model!!! See here and here?"  "ah Yes it does seem to have been altered"  "Escort, have this model secured in the commandants safe until his return and a full investigation can be convened into who is trying to sabotage this research!!!"   (passes a 3 success Cunning check!) The escort summons a pair of guards to take the model to the upstairs Commandants safe. As they exit the room one of the GEEs She Wolf Guards cries "Halt, Papers" and looks at Franz after checking his pass....seeming to search her memory as she seems to recall having met the real Franz... but waves him on (failed a 2 pass Finesse check and Franz picks up to suspicion points, the team now has 4 suspicion points and collectively lose 1 Finesse and 1 cunning die for the remainder of the mission)

"It seems we should make sure the Bases Most Secure site is indeed secure" says Franz
"It is indeed secure as the Commandant has Volunteer 8 guarding it" states the Escort.
"I must return to my work" and Doctor Eric leaves.
"I insist you show us this most secure site"  (Franz plays a card and manages to pass a 2 Finesse check)

"follow me... but I must warn you there is some danger to inspect the safe!"  the escort informs them.

They return down the hall to a door with a guard to either side of it, whereupon the escort motions the guards aside after giving a pass word and opens the door inwards after work a large keyed locking device.

Franz and Jorge are taken aback by the presence of Volunteer 8!  The carefully enter the room and spot that V8 as they regard him is chained by each wrist to the walls, such that he can block anyone trying to get past him but not get out the door.

"Hurry it up, his feeding time is near and he is very unpredictable and violent with out notice!"
Jorge makes as if to inspect the chain on one side and uses his secreted Gadget X to sever the chain which falls with the clanking sound of chain on concrete! which also triggers a base wide Alarm!!! The Escort says "what have you done!" and advances on Jorge, pulling his sidearm... which sends the V8 into a screaming charge at the sight of the weapon!
The Escort gets off a shot that further enrages the beast, who rains blows down on the escort...seizing the opportunity to improvise a weapon from the Escort.... his Leg!

Jorge goes to the Safe and can only roll 3 finesse dice of the 4 required to open the safe but passes all 3. In the following turn he uses the time gained while V8 pounds the Escort into a blood splattering mess.. the Door guards fail their reaction test and just stand there stunned.
Seconds later Jorge gets the Safe open, pulls out one of 4 identical bundles of passes and shuts the safe door. His attempt to slide around the room and get out the door becomes a body flight as V8 slams him forward with his "club".  Franz hastily follows Jorge out the door, Screaming for the Guards to "Stop Him!!" The Guards open fire! V8 seems very annoyed with them, snapping the other restraining chain and charge the guards in the hall.

As Franz and Jorge leave the hall they spin another guard around and tell him to open fire on the beast "before he gets to you also!"  (Cunning check passed) The guard opens fire with his SMG burst template and hits everyone But the Beast !!!! (A might check passed) Franz shoves the guard into the hallway and slams the door shut. The rest of the room is already nearly empty as the scientists have bolted at the sound of the alarms!  Franz and Jorge follow the rush up to the next floor, where splattered with the Escorts blood they direct the guards rushing into the room to the Gravity chute with cries of Schnell!!

They stop at the commandants office, empty of guards, (2 pass Cunning check) Jorge opens the safe, grabs the Flight Model, covering it with a cloth and they exit the building with the rest of the scientists..... get in their vehicle and make their departure!

((Players Secured all minor and the major plot point. Failed ID checks reduced their Finesse and Cunning dice as they moved along through the base. The use of several cards saved them till the end checks. Overall the mission went well, considering they never fired a shot and had to provide fast answers to questions and offer good bluffs to problems the guards presented them with.))

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Episode 1, Chapter 2, Brazillian Skullduggery

Team MIS was MIA so Team MS moved up and caught a air transport to Amapa, where a launch was chartered and they made their way up the Amazon River for days. Nearing the site, they marched overland for a day where they approached the final objective.

The MS Team gathers for the rush to the platform
Team MS Leader took the lead and moved into the clearing... immediately coming under fire from darts and arrows from natives in the GEE employ. He batted them aside with ease though and moved up the platform. Indigenous perils in the bushes were also easily dealt with and the rest of the team moved up, taking out pygmy's when ever encountered.

The GEE's lead agent and his Archeologist (also native interpreter) come under fire and the Archeologist goes down hard from SMG fire that "Sarge" pours into them.

Team Leader solves the perils to the Idol pedestal and snatches the prize..... followed by a rumbling that starts the platform caving in! Once again he proves his abilities and leaps clear and right down towards the GEE agent...mahahaha....oops.. forgetting about the Small Burst area.  He laughs at the danger, making his health saves!

The Gee Agent goes down in a flurry of fists!  Searching the bodies turns up sets of documents and a note book. Inspection of the "Idol" reveals its a combination of crystal and metal parts... very odd markings on one side, which are hinted at in the note book.

Further investigation seems to be needed by a direct approach to a GEE headquarters... after all, they won't know of the demise of their agents for a short while yet, giving the Teams a chance to infiltrate. A mission sure to take a measure of their Cunning and Finesse!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Second Chapter Scenic Prep Work Continues

So here's a series of photos of things that will be appearing in the next episodes. I made up a list of what I would need in each, compared to what I had on hand and am working to get them all ready for the next Chapters games before I had to have them ready.

A test flight vehicle
Odd mechanical items
The base of a 14" radio tower
Dead German troops..... body repaints to the proper colors.... heh

Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Scenic Prep

Here's the corrugated building taken to the large version;
Have to put doors on the end and a couple of windows. Maybe a smoke stack and Radio antenna?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chapter 2, Scenic Preparations

Time to make some Quonset huts for the Antarctic episode. Digging around in my scrapbook paper supplies to find some corrugated sheets.

Here is part of  a sheet leaning against a spritz bottle of water used to wet it. Waited a few minutes and then wrapped it around  a plastic pipe, wrapped with rubber bands till dry.

Next, took the side wall of the hut off when dry and used the ends to trace and cut some foam core end pieces.

Still wet paint in the picture, but other things will take up the rest of the evening.... so a quick shot of the storage shed for the Antarctic base, call it a proof of concept build.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chapter 2 Overview of the Commissions Campaign (Pulp Alley)

After almost and literally throwing together the first Chapter scenarios, Ive spent some time laying out the ground work for all the Next Chapter Scenarios and the Chapter final scenario in advance this time so I can get a bit more time to do the needed scenic bits and the inevitable figure orders / painting.  So here at a glance is whats ahead:


Episode 1  Brazilian Skullduggery
Some where in the Amazon Jungle lies something the GEE* agents are searching hard for. What ever it is, it must be secured first by the agents of the Commission

Episode 2 The Case of the German Moles
Commission Agents are dispatched to infiltrate an Auxiliary Headquarters of the GEE to secure documents and a Scientist and bring them back to France.

Episode 3 The Bavarian Escapade
Commission Agents are sent deep into the forests near Bavaria  investigate a rumored German Flight test center where it is believed that strange test aircraft are being developed with information gathered by the GEE!

Episode 4 Lost in the Antarctic
Commission Agents must struggle against all odds to escape from the Antarctic GEE base and the brutally harsh snow fields of the Antarctic with their hard won documents!

Chapter Conclusion
The Heavens only Knows!..........................

!* (Geheimnis Ermittlungsbefugnisse Einheit - Mystrey Investigative Unit)