Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chapter 2 Overview of the Commissions Campaign (Pulp Alley)

After almost and literally throwing together the first Chapter scenarios, Ive spent some time laying out the ground work for all the Next Chapter Scenarios and the Chapter final scenario in advance this time so I can get a bit more time to do the needed scenic bits and the inevitable figure orders / painting.  So here at a glance is whats ahead:


Episode 1  Brazilian Skullduggery
Some where in the Amazon Jungle lies something the GEE* agents are searching hard for. What ever it is, it must be secured first by the agents of the Commission

Episode 2 The Case of the German Moles
Commission Agents are dispatched to infiltrate an Auxiliary Headquarters of the GEE to secure documents and a Scientist and bring them back to France.

Episode 3 The Bavarian Escapade
Commission Agents are sent deep into the forests near Bavaria  investigate a rumored German Flight test center where it is believed that strange test aircraft are being developed with information gathered by the GEE!

Episode 4 Lost in the Antarctic
Commission Agents must struggle against all odds to escape from the Antarctic GEE base and the brutally harsh snow fields of the Antarctic with their hard won documents!

Chapter Conclusion
The Heavens only Knows!..........................

!* (Geheimnis Ermittlungsbefugnisse Einheit - Mystrey Investigative Unit)

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