Saturday, March 7, 2015

CONAN , the board game

Some friends who bought into the Conan board game kickstarter printed out the starter gameboard, cards an other items, made a dice conversion sheet and we got a game going with 4 adventurers to rescue the princess from the evil Picts!

The start, My wizard was the fellow in red robes, the Blue was a Thief, Conan and Valeria are up in the upper right.
Here they come! I open up with a mighty calling of Lightening Storm on the picts one zone away and roll for tons of damage............needing 6's (ones are the only fail/miss for the color dice Im rolling).. and I roll 2 D6s for:............
Yep, whiff............... I spent points and rolled again!!!! and got a One and a Two.... welcome to my world.........
Game proceeded along with Conan and Valeria slashing their way to a hut and ... no princess. Then they got to the center of the Village and the Giant Snake attacked!
The snake and the Shaman inspired Conan to ... er... retire to another zone to think up a battle plan to lead us to Victory, leaving Valeria to face the Snake, the Shaman and a Heavy Pict who joined in.... looked like serious trouble.
My dice warmed up finally and I was destroying the groups of Picts as I could see them to cast. Conan reprised his earlier tactic of slashing through all opposition (rolling high numbers) I waded into the group to seek cover but got targeted... and made some rather nice armor saves.
The Thief finished off the Shaman, Valeri got his head chopped off for Conan's side quest. Game moved along pretty well as we got the rules sorted out.  A few good questions were fielded for Nils to ponder over.
The activation cards for the Picts.... when a group is activated, their card goes to the end of the line, they can spend their points to activate a card in their line up, those at the head take 1 point to activate and do "their thing" but then drop to the end so that if they want to do something in the next turn, it costs 9 points to activate them!  I suggested for his convention game that some of the picts could just stay hidden in the huts, let the adventurers enter to look for the Princess and then some hacking and slashing could ensue... Also they have a "Reinforcements" card that they can buy "dead" and have them enter in from the starting points on the edge of the battle area, to "herd" the players in and prevent, somewhat, their standing and range and shooting/casting so much.
Not a bad game format, rules are fairly easy and straight forward, though I suspect their are several subtleties I missed but would pick up on as I play more games.