Friday, October 4, 2013

Yondza Campaign National Forces

My plan is a world still holding on to the ancient powers but with newer nations evolving towards the medieval types of armor... or .. possibly parts of the world that have collapsed and evolving to plate armor....... anyway, breaking out my Ancients and rebasing for use in the campaign to avoid to much "fantasy" medieval forces:

The Might of Rome!
Front cohorts have to be rebased and shields finished but 13 cohorts in the picture plus 3 units of Auxiliaries.  With the number of figures I had available I went with 8 figures to the cohort, giving them a nice dense, shield locking look!

Fifth century Roman infantry, probably for a client state. As always, grassing of bases is lagging...

Light, Medium and Heavy cavalry units waiting base conversion. Mostly Minifigs from the 70s...