Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Movie Viewed: "Nazis In the Center of The Earth

Just watched this B Grade movie, must say I rate it at 2 Beers! (views better after 2 beers) It has everything you want to groan about, Nazi's, Cyborgs, Antarctic Base, UFOs, Death Beams and on and on. It can be a bit slow but then you go "Eeewwwww" and then bust up laughing. Worth a dollar rental!

Well, its not really at the center of the earth, but pretty close ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Woodland forces upgraded.

Got to do some wood work as it was.

On the left are 2 units of Animated wood that will fight the same rating as Beastmen, hits relatively hard, lumbers along but is a bit low on moral. In the middle left is a unit of light cavalry, wielding minor magics in place of bows, mounted on Stags.

To the right are another unit of Archers, then Elite spearmen who are in turn flanked by a unit of handweapons with an elder in charge of the unit.

For a change I got the bases completed in good time to take the pictures with them complete rather than with my usual note about having to finish them :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fantasy Grind Continues

Taxes out of the way, painting bug still biting, so made another dent in the unpainted pile of fantasy figures. And low and behold the web photo hoster did an update and things are a bit wonky presently.

First some units I have designated as Beastmen equivelents, elemetal summoned fighters and some near Ogre like humanoids.  Rough, tough and going to kick some things rear end. Did the gold and silver offset after playing around with a hybrid mix of both that didn't come out very well. Settling on a skin color of the left hand unit was this way then that way, think I put on 3 different sets of colors before I said ENOUGH!

A unit of Dragonkin and more demonic units for the evil wizards forces. I am trying to avoid the use of chaos figures from my chaos armies to fill in his forces.  Scored a lot of Dreamblade figures at a swap meet to mix in with D&D and Mageknight figures.
More of the same, Demonic units, hope to get some mounted units knocked out soon, lots of varied mounts to add flavor to the otherwise mainly Horse borne units of the medieval varieties.