Friday, November 25, 2011

Concret Etching is Started

So, taking the excellent concret work up from The Lazy Forger site
, I am working it as super sizing it to a 4 foot by 4 foot piece of MDF board that is 1/4" thick.
I will be making larger and smaller "poured" concret areas, patchs and the like to vary the otherwise geometrical lay out. Throw in some inset drains here and there to add some variety and the overal surface can have the "buildings" any where on it for variety and easier transport.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Soviet Forces Battle Italian Forces

So at the game club the other night I got the oppurtunity to field my Wierd World War II Soviet forces against the Itallians of a co gamer that is working hard at increaseing his total force composition. We worked out the points by having him buy all his avialable forces and then I matched them.

First picture shows my waves of Penal Battalion troops surging forward covering the Shock Squad of all smgs with armor on the flank.

Opening shots knocked out the major tank on each side but the Italians walkers suffered from badly aligned sighting systems and were shot up by my soviet Light Tanks.
My attempt to take the hill on my left flank finally was carried after taking a hugh amount of fire from the right flank hill where the Italian Paratroopers were dug in. Support fire from my reserve squads LMG managed to find the range and shot down most of the Para's which in turn let my final Penal Battalion forces to sweep up and into hand to hand fighting, throwing the surviving Italians in rout off the board.  Sadly, after 3 turns of my 2 light tanks firing like mad at the sole surviving walker, the Last shot of the game blew off a leg and crashed it to the ground in a blazing ruin. The Itallian command section gave up screaming for reinformcements and retreated off the board.

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Project Launched

Have decided to work on a convention game to run at Kubla Con this coming year... what to do.... So I selected a 50s Pulp Action game to feature multiple groups sent to a Secret Desert Installation (ok, maybe not so secret any longer) each group having its own victory conditions that might put them at odds with some of the other groups. After sketching out some layouts I hit the rewind button and wrote up what I wanted to see going on in the game rather than laying out the game and then figuring out how to get the players to do the scenario the way I would typically lay it out. With the What I wanted to see happen list I am designing an Underground installation with the small complex of buildings above, surrounded by a chain link fence.

Here is my rather different approach to an underground Installation lay out... rather than a small maze of tunnels leading to chambers I have the descending areas concept. On top of the blocks will be walled in areas where you cannot view down over the edges for the most part. A few scattered Elevators will be included plus the ubiquitous stairs. Some lower level interior walls will be put up that are totally destroyable by explosions and the like

Missions will entail rescuing scientists and Computer reels... or destroying / killing the same. I see a big order to Copplestone Castings in the future..... the complex will fit in a 4 foot by 4 foot board.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

WWW II Battle Engagement

Here is my force lead by Union Jack in a recent WWWII battle;

Part of Skrawelders Halloween Game he ran for the local gaming group during which I ran his British commando group lead by the indomitable Union Jack. Multiple groups of mainly German forces were sent to find some POWs being held by a break away vampire and his cult followers. I managed to avoid the horrible dice curse for a change and finished the game with my entire 5 man section and Union Jack intact!

Some of the terrain and terribles we encountered and over came. Sadly the POWs were "turned" and had to be "put down" .