Friday, November 18, 2011

New Project Launched

Have decided to work on a convention game to run at Kubla Con this coming year... what to do.... So I selected a 50s Pulp Action game to feature multiple groups sent to a Secret Desert Installation (ok, maybe not so secret any longer) each group having its own victory conditions that might put them at odds with some of the other groups. After sketching out some layouts I hit the rewind button and wrote up what I wanted to see going on in the game rather than laying out the game and then figuring out how to get the players to do the scenario the way I would typically lay it out. With the What I wanted to see happen list I am designing an Underground installation with the small complex of buildings above, surrounded by a chain link fence.

Here is my rather different approach to an underground Installation lay out... rather than a small maze of tunnels leading to chambers I have the descending areas concept. On top of the blocks will be walled in areas where you cannot view down over the edges for the most part. A few scattered Elevators will be included plus the ubiquitous stairs. Some lower level interior walls will be put up that are totally destroyable by explosions and the like

Missions will entail rescuing scientists and Computer reels... or destroying / killing the same. I see a big order to Copplestone Castings in the future..... the complex will fit in a 4 foot by 4 foot board.

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  1. it already looks great!! can't imagine after you put your hands on!