Saturday, November 12, 2011

WWW II Battle Engagement

Here is my force lead by Union Jack in a recent WWWII battle;

Part of Skrawelders Halloween Game he ran for the local gaming group during which I ran his British commando group lead by the indomitable Union Jack. Multiple groups of mainly German forces were sent to find some POWs being held by a break away vampire and his cult followers. I managed to avoid the horrible dice curse for a change and finished the game with my entire 5 man section and Union Jack intact!

Some of the terrain and terribles we encountered and over came. Sadly the POWs were "turned" and had to be "put down" .


  1. wonderful. I'm thinking using NUTS for Mutant Chronicles themed games, after watching the movie. It seems to be kind of weird ww2 together with space opera... NUTS seems perfect.
    what do you think?

  2. We're using a set of rules called Screamin GI's with some modifcation for super hero's thrown in.

  3. Awesome- how well does an enfield fire a wooden bullet?
    Very inspriring, thanks