Saturday, March 22, 2014

Episode 1, Chapter 2, Brazillian Skullduggery

Team MIS was MIA so Team MS moved up and caught a air transport to Amapa, where a launch was chartered and they made their way up the Amazon River for days. Nearing the site, they marched overland for a day where they approached the final objective.

The MS Team gathers for the rush to the platform
Team MS Leader took the lead and moved into the clearing... immediately coming under fire from darts and arrows from natives in the GEE employ. He batted them aside with ease though and moved up the platform. Indigenous perils in the bushes were also easily dealt with and the rest of the team moved up, taking out pygmy's when ever encountered.

The GEE's lead agent and his Archeologist (also native interpreter) come under fire and the Archeologist goes down hard from SMG fire that "Sarge" pours into them.

Team Leader solves the perils to the Idol pedestal and snatches the prize..... followed by a rumbling that starts the platform caving in! Once again he proves his abilities and leaps clear and right down towards the GEE agent...mahahaha....oops.. forgetting about the Small Burst area.  He laughs at the danger, making his health saves!

The Gee Agent goes down in a flurry of fists!  Searching the bodies turns up sets of documents and a note book. Inspection of the "Idol" reveals its a combination of crystal and metal parts... very odd markings on one side, which are hinted at in the note book.

Further investigation seems to be needed by a direct approach to a GEE headquarters... after all, they won't know of the demise of their agents for a short while yet, giving the Teams a chance to infiltrate. A mission sure to take a measure of their Cunning and Finesse!


  1. Great looking terrain, love the vegetation and the platform, very atmospheric post!