Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday Night Game

At a local game shop open gaming session Skrapwelder threw together a VSF Airship Crash game... seems airships crash a lot!

So, the survivors of the crash are on the left side of the left picture, a wide assortment of folks were on the passenger airship. Men women children, sailors, a few soldiers, a Naturalist, a Spark and his lackeys (me!). To the right is Leadfool and Skrapwelder surveying the upcoming trek thru The Swamp, the entire board area..ick.

Movement was typically about 4 inches or less depending on the fickle nature of the dice, my favorite number seemed to be 1! The very edge of the river proved to be firmer and allow double dice moves... of course there were a lot of water fauna that saw us in their food chain. My assistants were armed with BBS's ... Big Bad Spanners... hmmm which proved moderately successful against frog faced humanoids. My sparks earned a bit of favor from Leadfool for attempting to repair his walker when its Ratcheting Columnnar Gear Change Box became stuck in forward... alas no joy was attained. So I mugged for a photo op, maybe get some advertisement for my Spark Shop and an endorsement.

Leadfool and Alfrik, blessing the fates that drew the lost Turks to engage the soldiers and civilians rather than the glorious Great Hunter (Leadfool) and me! mahahaha, but alas the chesty schoolmarm took a rifle round to the head. I Toasted her passing and pressed on towards the hilltop for possible recovery.

Slogging away.... slowly towards the hill. Turks in the upper right side of the pictures, frogs in the river middle.

Survivors get to hill top and after a bit of struggle with what direction to point the flare pistol at... not the Naturalists head... the Rescue ship arrives.

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