Friday, May 14, 2010

Mechanified Flying Crafts WIP !! Just Arrived..........Finally!

Alright, it's been a struggle with the mixed numbers and shipping, reshipping and finally the arrival of Kapt. Kneemo's new factory built air support:
There is a mounting hole in the back end top side what begs for an aerial, to support the either remote controls or perhaps a surveillance item?

I figure to remove the forward pointing tusks with 50 cal. MG barrel style gun tubes, small holed drilled thru the length of the barrels.

Devestation from Above!


  1. What are those? Some kind of click game piece, obviously. I think Doktor Maton needs some to terrorize the Solar System. Perhaps call them "aetherhawks" - a sort of mechanickal automaton aetherfighter? OOOooooooo... shiny!

  2. Drone Golem's from Mageknight figures, yep, a clik based game.