Monday, May 17, 2010

Tank Takes Shape

Got out the first piece of armored fighting vehicle for the Expeditionary force. Started with a Bulldozer and did the turn it around for a new front. An old Grant Tank, 1/48th scale provided bits and pieces, especially the armored vision ports.

Bull dozer blade removed and the set piece bogie's also. Refit the stock bogie piece with bogies from the Grant as well as trim fitting Drive sprocket gear teeth over the existing ones.

Gun turret added. Proved to difficult to cut into the upper chassis after I shortened the overall height of the tank by cutting away some of the under carriage. Next was cut and thin the gun port covers from the Grant tank.

Spare bogies put on the outboard back side. Primed and drying for color coat next.


  1. Looking good, what about some appliqué armour plates or track guards, some Russian tanks had their fuel cells mounted on to the track guards!


  2. I like to use toys too!
    Great stuff, really!