Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Action on the Waterfront

Next scenario for the Pulp Alley will be at the waterfront now that the teams have cleared the industrial area of clues and culprits!

Entry side 1 , overview of the area. Warehouse and storage yard with access to the docks.
Entry side 2 Brick warehouse and storage yard off to the side, and access to the docks.

The Freighter where its anyone's guess what might be aboard!

Action to take place in 2 days.


  1. The corrugated metal building and chain link fences look great! Scratch built freighter is very neat as well.

  2. Im really liking how my water effect worked out, its a kitchen light plastic mottled 2x4 cover with green and blue spray paint on the back side. When it dried I touched up the look with short puffs of paint on the front side.