Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rumble in the Forest

Tips poured in about strange noises from the forest, in the direction of an old church and ground vibrations led the Commission to dispatch 2 teams to investigate. Arriving at the ruins they immediately spotted heavy equipment and scattered materials... along with Cultists everywhere!
Springing into action battle commenced.
Team MS pushes in hard and lays waste to cultist perimeter guards.
Action continues as cultist grab up what ever weapons are handy.
The crane platform is crawling with bad guys. Team MIS suffers 2 agents down and out regardless of their covering fire. Team MS slows their push forward and settle in to trading fire with the Crane operators, who tire of this and take drastic action.
Crane starts rotating and shatters ancient church columns, tumbling agents and cultists alike to the ground!
Then Team MIS secures the Device MX2 Blueprints and makes their way to safety, as the crane swings in the other direction and flattens more agents and cultists!

Team MS rallies to their vehicle and make a hasty retreat themselves.

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