Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pulp Alley After Action Report: Start of the Mission

Having gotten some friends into Pulp Alley, time came to start a campaign for their Leagues. So, onwards:

The setting is ...  time setting squishy, but in the "pulp age". Were not worrying overly about what exact year it is to allow more fluid situations.

The Occult investigative Service, OIS and the Mystery Solvers, MS were both summoned by an Alliance Council of Crime Fighters, ACCF,  to London to investigate rumors of a major crime that is under way based on leaked information and the sudden disappearance of several crime bosses.

The Plot markers, Tires, Moving Crate, Papers on a Crate and a Desk with papers. In the back is one Edward Devon, a man of industry in London.

Layout is a single street, buildings, vehicle and peril points marked with red chips. Teams could move up the street or around either side of the buildings lining the street. To approach the major plot point they had to have one team member that solved 2 minor plot points approach him so as to "ask the right questions of him". Team members could share the gained information from the plot points and approach him.

MS entered with some daring do (had the initiative). OIS quickly made their entry into the area and received a smattering of fire from the roof tops! Some unknown  cult had gotten wind of their efforts and were doing their dastardly best to stop them.
OIS caught the brunt of the gun fire but held their own, downing several cultists. One of the OIS agents approaches the abandoned desk on the street, while off camera another is approaching the tires below the edge of the white topped building.
Here an MS agent approach's their first plot point, only to be taken down by a female cultist from 2 floors overhead! This lone cultist, firing from cover lays down a heavy fire on the MS agents who start a furious barrage of return fire to take her out.
The MS team leader covers the 2 agents as they recover from their wounds and firing madly at the cultist who manages to pass every health check, all the while the window she was firing from was chiseled into a rough oval, the curtains to tatters and every bit of glass being shot out.  OIS team leader was laughing pretty hard at the continuing gnashing of the MS leaders teeth and muttered curses.
The OIS grabs some plot points, discerning the clues contained and sends the Leaders Side Kick to dash down the street and up the fire escape (a perilous place due to the age and disrepair of the pull down ladder)..... only to spend 2 turns under fire to get the ladder down and up to the next floor!  Safe! NO! an MS agent has entered from the ground side door, worked his way up stairs and was lying in wait inside, covering the fire escape! OIS: "Hah, your out of Ammo!"  MS: "Hahahah so are you!!!!" where upon the OIS Side Kick was activated for that turn and scampered up to Edwards location to confront him with questions....... ACK! Edward was dead!!!! A quick search of his body revealed interesting papers which were grabbed while under renewed fire.  Turning she smashed through a window into the 3rd floor window and in a running gunfight made her way downstairs and out the back door!
Meanwhile the MS team leader decided he'd wasted enough time and ammo on the window protecting the female cultist and retreated down the street followed by the shouted taunts.....

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