Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fallen Statue

So here's a shot of the soft plastic Egyptian figures I bought for a few dollars, most are about 4 inches high, lack detail and garish paint job. Perfect for a statue though.
Nest shot has a plastic base left over from some desert placards. Plastic shrimp cup inverted and hot glued. One of the figures has been cut up, collapsed as it were, and hot glued down. I left a bit more of the legs on the original base to make it obvious, something broke off. The eye can follow along either way and see what has befallen the statue..

A quick base coat to highlight the broken bits of the statue. Probably paint the broken statue in an off white, or in weathered garish colors, most statues had been painted originally. Sand drift to build up and cover a little of the broken bits I think.


  1. Nice job with that. Are those Toobs? I find them useful for many projects.

    Mike "Bunkermeister" Creek

  2. Yes they are from the Toob line, long clear plastic tube, comes in all sorts of different animals etc line of figures.

  3. Nice. I have some of those Egyptian figures as well. Now I know what to do with them.

  4. I've done the same - similar, broken statues and fallen idols look great as game terrain.


  5. Another curious toy line I have been taking advantage of are the various "dig 'em up" toys. I buy them for my kids who enjoy unearthing the toys from the blocks of matrix they come packaged in. I get to keep the figures inside before they get lost or forgotten about.

    So far, I have a Chinese warrior statue, a sarcophogus, and an egyptian tablet. Most are good size for use with 28mm.