Thursday, June 2, 2011

New works

Thought to take a couple of photos for what's on the workbench at this time. First is Officer markers for the Martian Empires games were playing. Each has a Command Radius, with General being the greatest on down to Major. So with 3 grades of officers radius, I determined to use 3 figures for the Generals , then 2 for the next and 1 for the last, each on a 50mm round base.

Next, something of a scenic complaint about all those units firing their smoke creating rifles got me to thinking about different approaches to how to have a line of smoke without just piling cotton balls along the front edge of the units.

I used Cloth wire, sniping away and covered a one inch line of wires projecting forth, then left a few wires to bend down to the ground with a final curl of the bottom edge, which will be attached to a base. Over all, once its based and the wires hidden, I think it will fit the bill for a good photo effect of a firing line. Shorter pieces will be made for units that have suffered casualties/lost stands.

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