Sunday, March 28, 2010

Painting Table, WIP new stuff

Ok, so thinking I was done with D&D collectable figures as most that I might want to have purchased were from 6 to 30 dollar ones, some with no good reason for the price other than "its a rare" to justify the price for them. So at a swap meet a guy hauls out a couple of totes of figs and I dive in. Heres what I got for 30 dollars.

By my rough count vs the on line best prices I could find, I saved about 150 dollars and shipping while on  a trip to visit the grandkids :)

1 comment:

  1. Awesome bargain! That Purple Worm has Martian Devilwyrm written all over it! That would make a heck of an obstacle for a scenario style battle...

    The Imperial objective is to relieve the besieged miners and reinforce their defence before the Martian rebels can send reinforcements to make a final assault. The Martian objective is to reinforce the siege lines and carry the mine by assault before the Imperial relief column can arrive. Both forces must use the only viable pass into the valley in which the vital mine is located. However, the Martian deathwyrm has recently taken up residence in the pass. Do you fight the enemy or the beast? Or simply rush forward, and try to pass before too many casualties are taken?