Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Painting Table, WIP Table

Thought to pull out the camera and clik a shot of whats currently being based up, getting down there in total figures ordered / painted or spruced up for use. So more creatures for the Fantasy Rules! armies, more pulp action critters to be encountered, ghouls, mini lava guys and other things that tend to Bump in the Night as it were. But never fear as another 40 odd miniatures are due in the begining of next week. Doing the bases is tedious now, well, down right repetitious, but then I do not want to mix these new arrivals into my standard FR! rule base mix quiet yet. My FR! armies rebasing project happens about to mega tasks down the road. Let see, 2' x 2' encounter placards and Rules for my cross genere Pulp Action Games. I am holding to haveing the figures ready BEFORE I start the Pulp games as I, for  a change, do not want to have odd figures "standing in" for what I wanted to put on the table, or, gasp, use some D6's. That just makes a sameness to the whole purpose of the game. So base painting and adding scenic bits to it is consuming hours now, with a bit of a break painting a figure here and there.

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