Wednesday, March 10, 2010

British Assault!

As the Battle for Hythoria has been raging in the north, the Prussian Supply Depot Port has languished as a back water, a waypoint for troops and supplies heading north. With no enemy acition for weeks, its alert status has waned to a tropical laxness.

In a early dawn assault Captian Barnsworth led a platoon of regulars, 4 Mechanified Infantry and 2 light vehicles successfuly across the Steaming River to attack the Prussian depot.Complications for the British were the 2 light vehicles suffered reduced reliability checks due to the fording of the Steaming River.  British Mission: Destroy depot supply dump and if possible Sink the Tramp Steamer docked at their quay.

Prussian mission was to hold the depot and not lose the supply dump. Complicating the Prussian situation was that they had, in order to support the northern drive, reduced their depot defenders to 2 squads of regulars and the ship board crew, 2 Klanken Troopers, 1 light field piece and a gatling point defence gun on board the ship. Prussians had defensive works up around most of the depot.

Prussian shoreside depot and Tramp Steamer.

British forces led by Captain Barnsworth come out of the grey light of dawn. The prussian work crew at the depot fled up the coast dropping tools and leaving power equipment chugging. On the right the Mechanified Infantry got a good movement roll and stormed the Prussian outter works, inflicting a grim toll on the defenders. Next shot has the Captain sending more troops into what he is hoping will be a quick mopping up and roll the defenders... fate, though, had other plans.

The prussians reeled back some, the Klanken Troops swung into action with their gatling guns chattering out thru the advancing Brits. The Mechanified troops clamber over the supply stacks and close assault the Klanks, Light Field gun and the survivors of the redout. Sporadic fire from the ship board gun rakes through the advancing infantry, driving them to cover. The shipboard sailors become impetuous and start down the dock to reinforce their army comrades.
The light artillery piece manages to blast one of the Mechanified troopers to bits, but falls to a hail of small arms fire. The Light tank manages to land a few shells into the cargo ship, then tries to move forward to bring the waterline into view and suffers a double 0 roll! mechanical problems send a stream of swamp goo shooting out the exhaust system and in a violent shaking and lurching stalls dead. The Hansen Anit Infantry vehicle comes under small arms fire and settles for a position that straffs the Tramp Steamer Gatling gun crew to their doom.
Kaptain Von Kluless nursing a bullet in the arm, and single Klanken manages to withdraw as well as half a squad of Prussians Infantry towards the ship.

With the Regulars and Hansen Anti Infantry vheicle laying down suppresive fire, the Mechanified Infantry started fires through out the landed supply dumps and withdrew in good order. What could have become a crushing victory is stymied by the Light Tanks breakdown at the worst possible moment, leaving the British to settle for a major victory.  A few prussian wounded were also taken prisoner for later questioning.

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