Saturday, March 13, 2010

Zoz-Ar Needs Earth Women

Thought to put up some WIP on my more 30s-40s Pulp Bad Guys I have on the Paint Table.

On the left is Zoz-Ar and his Cyborgs. Kept the basic Color scheme they came in but worked up some shading and detail. Cut the Mad Alien Scientist off at the ankles, bit of xacto work and glue to stand him up rather than being in a football ready position. On the right are the Automatans, robot guards for an as yet unidentified bad guy.

Next are members of an Oriental Deadly Dames cult/gang/tong what have you. As ever, bases to be worked up etc. And finally generic bad thugs from Rent a Crook or similar organization that has a Local in every metropolitan city!

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