Sunday, March 14, 2010

Defense Entrenchments

The Battle for Hythoria looms and no defensive works are ready for the game table! Since its not really possible to dig trenches into a solid game table top, and not create a mess to be dealt with later I worked up the usual type of "entrenchments. An old yard stick was cut into 3 pieces, another square cut piece of wood was hot glued onto the back, and everything sanded down.
The backing for the Entrenchments is made from coffee stir sticks and were hot glued, lightly, into place for the bottom 2 rows.  This brought the top of the boards even with the larger piece of wood that is the stabilizing strength of the piece. Next the upright posts were hot glued in lightly, not with globs as it would push past and have to be trimmed off to get it to look right, so a bit of extra care and it comes out rather well. I did up 3 pieces at the same time, it all went rather quickly.

Here is a shot of the front slope of the entrenchment filled in with some smooth Kel Seal chunked on and roughly smoothed out. I let this all dry for an hour so that the surface would be firm before I applied the textured Kel Seal top coat. A British Sailor 28mm is for size reference.

Textured coat of Kel Seal applied, and while still damp, I stuck pebbles and bits of rock into the facings for a bit of "make it look more like dirt" effect. Leaving them to dry for an entire day, though... possibly in the very bottom inside corners it may only turn into a rubbery gel... but the outer surface will be hardened several mm's deep. The wood bracing interior will soak up some of the moisture and harden the Kel Seal on the inside also. Am seriously thinking of shooting a mold of one of them and using it to cast up a lot of resin copies to cut up and make double sided trench pieces and some end pieces. Hmm some sanding and such could angle cut some to make gun emplacements also.... So many options.

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