Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Style Explosion

I have done many of the standard Smoke columns for explosions. Recently I saw one done on the Lead Adventure Forums by Hammers that I really liked. Copying it has proven a bit tricky but I'm giving it a shot.
Basic materials, old aluminium disks, bamboo skewers, styrafoam, coarse chopped foilage from woodland scenics and assorted glues and hot glue gun. I tried out some spray addhesive along the way.... it was not to successful. So, Styrafoam chunk was hot glued to the disk as in the right picture.
Next, pieces of skewers were hot glued and stuck into the foam pieces. Spray on adhesives was sprayed all over it... very messy process, the the whole thing was put in a large container of the crumbled foliage. Next I used fingers to press foliage onto the rods and base area. More spray adhesive, then more pressing.... not very efficient. Coverage was hap hazard.
Next step was to take it outside, and spray on diluted pva glue and let it dry. I soaked parts of it to help the foliage stay on. When dried I sprayed it heavily with flat black spray paint, from all angles. Then fogged it with white from about a foot away. Took the black back in very close and spot shot here and there for the picture on the left. Things I learned to make it faster and easier. Cut, mount, and spray tack, or spread glue and coat the Styrofoam first. Then Cut the skewers into the lengths you want. Coat them with glue or hot glue and then press on the foliage. Let both dry.  Hot glue the skewers into the foam base. Spray with black and white to color it. You can easily go back and fill in any small spots that do not have enough. I think I will put traces of brown paint on the outer most bits of smoke, along with bits of grass color, not much, just a touch here and there to add some visual "depth" to the look of the piece.


  1. That turned out really nice. Hope you put some more pictures up when you get more done.

  2. The effect is very cool- I have had such grief with spray adhesive getting everywhere, that I went to old fashioned rubber cement instead.
    Are you going to add any fire to these?


  3. Have tried to add fire / glow in the base but....
    scroll down towards the bottom of this link to see how the fellow colored his:

    I need an airbrush to do that effect, have one, have to get instruction on how to use it properly.

  4. Great idea, sure to try it in future.

    Thanks for sharing.