Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Basing Problem

So, working towards my permanent bases for my Fantasy Rules! armies I hit a snag. Flocking the bases with the woodland scenics flock on prepared metal bases works fine, except... I then used a 1 inch brush to put diluted PVA glue onto the dried flock to help keep it from rubbing off on the edges.Picture on the left shows how I used the brush to pat on the diluted white glue.

After soaking the base, I set them on wax paper to dry, the waxy surface making the white glue not glue it to the surface that I set it on to dry in the first place. One of the bases that I did not get good coverage on is pictured on the right. The lighter area is the surface I want, the dark areas, the glued areas. SO, with some double work I reapplied white glue to the darker areas to get the grass to the final look I want before I add battlefield bits, rocks, grass tufts etc.

I am thinking that the reinforced glue / grass underneath with keep the metal base from showing if there is excessive wear on the edges. Then again, with the remaining base work ahead of me, I will add the diluted white glue to a narrow edge around the base instead of so thoroughly over the entire base, so as to reduce the amount of "touch up" to the base grass surface.

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